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    Bonnie, will you be my concubine?

    Well, you said you were scared of marriage. Wanted LDR, etc. Surely I am high bidder for your favors.

    Besides, the other concubine ladies can entertain me while you travel around the world.
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    Thanks for understanding the sarcasm in my words. It's kind of hard to feel tone in the written word ;-) I wouldn't want to disappoint my fan base so I would at least need to see a photo before I could commit myself. Your words say a lot but as the old cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!
    It's nice to see that you have a similar mindset when it comes to relationships. Why close the door before you even see what's behind it. Live, explore, wonder, discover and simply enjoy life. It all seems so much easier with an open mind!
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    End of my story, could you elaborate?
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    Champayne ,
    YOU are a sweet heart, I have been propositioned by young men but real marriage proposal on a public site is my first..and just based on my word-skill and without even seeing me visually, that is a great ..but I fear you have just lost your entire ladies- fan base in the 'verbal intimacy ' thread when they see this

    send me an email and I will reveal myself to you...and think about your marriage proposal ...without prejudice..

    I like your healthy attitude towards relationship and I have married for love and adventure across culture and race, and never was short-changed mainly because it was completely unconditional and impulsive..I believe and trust my impulse..if I need second thought it also means it would not work..
    This new century is about breaking new grounds and forging new frontiers in personal and public arenas.. our lives are much more inter-linked to a wider world through easy access of communication..allowing minds to share ideas and it is the levelling process when minds inter connect..prejudices hopefully will breakdown when we search and see more similarities between cultures, races and religions..
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    Bonnie, will you marry me ;-p

    Seriously though you have a great way with words. It's 2005 and I think we should strive to get past what's on the outside. I am not naive and I know there are prejudices out there but I don't think anyone should let that affect how they live their life. I don't view my relationships as inter-racial. I just view them as relationships, period. For those that live in a bubble and don't want to leave their protective shelter I am sorry. They are truly missing what life is all about. Getting to know other cultures (across the globe, not just in the U.S.) makes life so much more interesting and full and when you truly get to know someone on the inside you could care less what nationality they are. You see them for who they are and not what they look like and that makes a strong bond tough to break!
  • View author's info Posted on May 09, 2005 at 04:39 PM there a difference between racism and tribalism? Are they both not about prejudices and their common denominator?
    We are all conditioned by what we know and what we don't and the assumptions we make in our ignorance are the most dangerous and misconceived..Perception through our senses and our conditioned minds often blind us to the truth which is often not visibly recognisable ..Helen Keller must have such a lot of trust in the human spirit and the human survive this cruel world.
    I sure sympathise with what you must have gone thru and still suffer for being you shows in your angry words..I too have endured prejudices and have been typecast so often that I learn to see the funny side of it and often use it to advantage.. A sense of humor often lightens the dark angry moments when you think the world has been so unfair and cruel to you just based on your color or sexual preference..and often it is their loss and not yours if they don't choose to know you for what you really are..a decent human being no different from any...I believe action often speaks louder than words..and in time people who have misjudged you will learn the hard way what you are truly made off by your actions...
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    I happen to be black, and also, happen to date more whie men than blacks.I am by far not a racist, i grew up in africa whare racism is a hard off.Well, there is tribalism, but thats a different story all together,now i live in the USA and it goes without say that racism is common place.I have experienced the worst and the not so bad cases,and i have come to the conclusion that i need to be reffered to as black,and also have developed irritaliblity towards the so called liberals who say that everyone is the same,and those who wish to burry the past.o me the past is the future, and I have no patience for those tryng to disregard that.
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    This is year 2005 and there are no pure blacks or whites....just the human race. I think we are educated enough to leave the older generation with bigotry, but look at the person as just another person who looks different. For those who are still racist, I consider them "the little people" and feel superior to them.

    That's my story!!!!
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    Don't do it. It might cause your family tree to have branches.
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    That has been my observation also. The result of cross breeding is very often usually better than either of the parents. I sure would like to know the scientific reason why. Like, why would intelligence gene dominate over a dumb gene, or good looks over ugly, and why does this seem to come out more in cross breeding. Any experts in genetics on here? Maybe its just a better diet or more vitamins and minerals taken prenatally today, (which I do think is a factor).
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    I always feel that a little hybridization never hurts..just look at orchids..there are thousands of hybrids and each get more stunning and stronger..the same with the human race, genetic modification began a long time ago and the most beautiful and magnificent come from cross breeding..inbreeding is incestuous and lead to some painful madness too .just look at the line of aristocracies..
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    I think you better look a little closer into the history of the whites. There are probably few whites anywhere that don't have some ancestors that were not victims of slavery by other whites, or r_ape by some other tribe or invasion force from somewhere. The world has rarely been peaceful in history for very long and a lot of offspring were produced by the winners of the wars. Of course, some family trees don't have branches, so you might be an exception.
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    Is anybody interested??
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    can't we all just get along?
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    I like what you have to say being retyped and recategorised constantly from Negro to Afro-American..I usually fill in'Homo sapien' in the bit that say 'Race' and 'Mother' in the part that say occupation..and I resent newspaper articles that will always state your occupation and age, as if it has anything to do with what I do...
    My children are bi-racial and I have 25% Dusun blood (Native tribe of Borneo) from my paternal grandmother..the fact is if we scour the world today , there are actually so few pure pedigree tribes or people around,so the same in the world typed 'Caucasian' or 'White' too is not pure but adulterated in as many mixes as there are in the White race..
    that we are divided by the politics of nations too is just as Rabindranath Tagore, India's great philosopher once said:
    'The birth of the Nation marked the end of Mankind..' when we start drawing artificial boundaries around our territory..we as a race have not progressed that far from the animal kingdom, we remain territorial animals identifying ourselves with color and culture, race and country..the fact that we could now air our views and inner thoughts across the world on cybernet augurs well for a braver future and your kids and mine will hopefully see a less divided world tomorrow.
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    As to dating across the race barrier; I have to admit that I have been attracted to several chicks and there was this really hot looking duck once, however, I have managed to hold these temptations in check and stick with members of the human race. Seriously, I do understand. No matter how attractive the profile there must be a moment of reflection, of indecision. Why; this can?t be simple? Why; there must be others without this hurdle? According to the New York Times, I was born Colored, elevated to Negro, became a militant as an Afro-American, briefly stumbled onto Black, and given pride by becoming an African-American. Personally I prefer Black. While this is not accurate, I?m actually sort of coffee with double cream, at least it holds some hope of achieving staying power within the White media. Actually, all this time I was really just me. I am bi-racial (my elder daughter's term of preference). My children are bi-racial. But, before anything else, we are family. And that puts the emphasis firmly where it should be ? who you are as a person not what you are. While I know it is a hurdle, it is one that no more defines who I am then my height, the color of my eyes, or shoe size. Period, full stop, without need for further explanation
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    But Love the sweet, nice, cuddly, affectionate ones.

    www. I think I might have found you that cure already..she is here in the forum...have already sounded her
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    "yours is a disguised form of .'misogyny'"

    ok, you caught me again. How about selected misogyny. I do hate bossy women.
    But Love the sweet, nice, cuddly, affectionate ones.

    Now, are you satisfied??
    2% is cheap enough. Now, find the cure. You can start with the females in my family.
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    No bonnie, I do not hate women (misogynist). Just because I have two bossy sisters, two bossy daughters, and three bossy granddaughters does not make me hate women. I just think I need to live on a deserted island, with no women bosses, that's all.


    YOu have been so conditioned that it is subconscious..I don't think you 'hate' them but you avoid them to save yourself..cowardice is the manisfestation of one who 'hates' headaches and problems with you head for a deserted island to isolate and remove yourself from trouble..avoidance is a form of yours is a disguised form of .'misogyny' which even you can't recognise..
    _diagnosis of a quack need help badly to cure yourself of bossy women...only 2% cheap cheap..
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    Although you haven't been exposed to the Black community you'll be surprised to know that we Black women are just that... women and can be approached the same way in which you'd approach our White counterparts.

    Just my 2 cents.


    well said..IN fact I work with alot of black women from all over the Commonwealth and in London the Afro-Carribean community has its own colorful Nottinghill Carnival every the sampling of black women I meet and know come from a wider range..and through my years interacting with them, I could safely claim that they exude a certain camaraderie , spontaneity and warmth that far exceed the other races..just hear them sing in the church choirs and they will bring tears to your eyes..The Commonwealth Fair I help organise each year would be the poorer in spirit without them..
    When my husband became an invalid in the last stage of his cancer, 4 black guys and nurse would attend to his daily needs..and one of the guys would come in the evening , chat to him and even sang to him while he hoisted him to bed in an electric hoist and this great guy's own wife was suffering from cancer..he made him feel so at ease,,that my husband , a stiff upper lipped Brit's last wish was for me to help with this charity which I had done for several years before supports girls from 54 countries mainly from the Afro-Carribean countries , INdia and Asia to complete their secondary education and I have been fortunate to meet one of them who is currently doing her Phd in education at Cambridge from a tiny village in Zambia..a fantastic warm bright girl ..and I hope oneday she will return to Zambia to become their education minister..
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