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    Men have always loved beautiful women.It is only within the confines of this site that it may seem like worship.It is dangerous for women to buy into that no matter how true.Our looks fade,it's a fact.Men seem to age better,another fact.What we choose to do about it is what counts.If a 40ish man wants a 20ish hardbody more power to him.But I have spoken to many men here who really would be happy with someone their own age.I don't beat my brains out over a mid-age man wanting something young.I wish,if the truth were known,I had my 20ish looks back.Since that isn't going to happen I just looked till I met men who were just as glad as I was to meet someone their own age.I don't see why everyone has such a continual tantrum on this subject.I have had several 30ish men wanting to talk to me.To each his/her own.Personally I wouldn't know what to do with a much younger man,lol.I couldn't keep up with him.Laugh people it's good for you.
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    Moblog....Moblog?...anyway...you might want to take your moral issues about married people on this site to the dozens upon dozens of married men here.I can give you several names....a good start and you can begin mailing them notes as to why only single people should be on a dating site...it would keep you very,very busy...
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    Ok leave Nightmyst alone, think that has been done to death, and if you want the full story, email her she'll be happy to explain the reasons to you. Suffice to say, she's her, her husband knows and it's ok with them, it's none of our business.
    To the original topic, female worshipping......I agree with Babeat, I am a better person now, and in alot of ways better looking than when in my 20's, because there is more personality there. Sure I had the hot to trot body more then however I was also very shallow and vain then. Now I find beauty in all shapes and sizes, male and female, and judge the person on who they are, not how they look or what they have.
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    Ms.Cougar..your terrific
  • View author's info posted on Jan 17, 2005 13:23

    HeartOfFire..I could not say it better myself..keep it up you have many that agree with you on many things.I jump in when I can to back you up.But..you do it so well,lol
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    EuropeanQT (Female , 69)
    What a wonderful age for the men on this site to get a great impression. Your attack on Mysty is based on your own insecuriteies. I have heard numerous people on this site complain about you and your nastiness. Is this how you live your life? Wow!
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    Nightmyst was kind enough to personally e-mail me and explain the situation. Trust me... (or don't)...the reason(s) is quite valid and makes perfect sense.
    A very nice lady!
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    I agree with the last two. Private email your female friends on here if you want to keep in touch.
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    Nightmyst has the right to put what she wants on her profile...same pic as always and not inappropriate.She is a terrific person.
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    to admire what god has presented to us is appreciated. i love women that are beautiful inside and out.
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    I second what MasRogue said.....I'm curious too...
  • View author's info posted on Jan 13, 2005 17:28

    Nightmyst -- I AM curious why you couldn't simply get your friends e-mail addresses if you wanted to maintain contact with them.
    And why post your photograph? If you are simply maintaining friends, who know what you look like...why post a pic?
    Making new friends perhaps? Why not establish contact and send your pic as an attachment?
    Not an attack on you - simple curiosity on my part. I was a cat in a previous life.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 13, 2005 14:32

    Nightmyst is not here to cheat. If you are going to pick on someone go pick on the other thousands of women that are your competition. Mysty is beautiful but she is not here to break up her marriage. People that know her, know that about her. Euro, you formed an opinoin and posted it but what was your point, to hurt her? That wasn't very nice.
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    Mythical quotes:
    "In the end, looks don't matter."

    Do you wish to be happy at the end or along the way? Looks matter to some people. For me personally, I tried it with a woman I loved dearly but was not attracted to, thus no lust and less than great sex life.

    I want a friend AND lover and sex is best when it combines both love AND lust. For some, and the truth may hurt, lust requires physical attraction. The good news is that with proper packaging and presentation, the right attitude and gestures, diet, excercize, hair, clothes, ... most anybody can be smokin' hot at least some of the time.

    So if you haven't done what it takes for you partner to think you are, do it now and be surprised at how life gets even better. At least they won't ask if you have to make that sound. You know. Breathing.

    Life is about the journey, not the destination. Call it shallow. No guilt here. We don't decide what we like, we just do. I like slim with a perky C-cup myself. And there is a lot of room for variance too.

    It's easy to downplay it when you don't have it, or be humble when you do. But how many would not change to a perfect body if they could do it with a finger snap. Oh, how SHallow!

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    One of the major problems, I believe, today in American Society is how shallow we have become over the past 25 years. Men want the pretty woman and women want the good-looking man with lots of money. We are told this through the media and through our own parents and friends. What happens if you meet this type of person, and they got into a terrible accident and their facial features are not what they use to be? Here in Vegas, I have seen to many marriages and relationships break up because the person got into started to lose their beauty either through age or an accident, or they lost their job or business. They just don?t want to stay because they love the person?s heart. They only loved the outside of the person or their money.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 24, 2004 09:21

    You know Santia I feel and am more beautiful than when I was twenty.It doesn't matter to me what a man may think about that.It's what I feel inside.I miss the firmness of youth.However,I feel more like a woman who is sure of her sensuality and has confidence in being a beautiful woman in the prime of her life.There are many,many men who find that much sexier than a rockhard body and a face which hasn't devloped character yet.The MB isn't a fair indicator of what many men on this site really want.Even a plain woman can be beautiful.Online you can't see the total package and thats why looks take a center stage.Make your man feel like super stud and you'll look like a supermodel to him,lol
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