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    Men have always loved beautiful women.It is only within the confines of this site that it may seem like worship.It is dangerous for women to buy into that no matter how true.Our looks fade,it's a fact.Men seem to age better,another fact.What we choose to do about it is what counts.If a 40ish man wants a 20ish hardbody more power to him.But I have spoken to many men here who really would be happy with someone their own age.I don't beat my brains out over a mid-age man wanting something young.I wish,if the truth were known,I had my 20ish looks back.Since that isn't going to happen I just looked till I met men who were just as glad as I was to meet someone their own age.I don't see why everyone has such a continual tantrum on this subject.I have had several 30ish men wanting to talk to me.To each his/her own.Personally I wouldn't know what to do with a much younger man,lol.I couldn't keep up with him.Laugh people it's good for you.
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    Moblog....Moblog?...anyway...you might want to take your moral issues about married people on this site to the dozens upon dozens of married men here.I can give you several names....a good start and you can begin mailing them notes as to why only single people should be on a dating site...it would keep you very,very busy...
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    I wasn't around when nightmyst's huband propsed to her on MM. But nightmyst recently emailed me and told me the story...exactly how you just put it...how bravely romantic and sweet of him...we should all be so lucky. She sounds very happy, and is a lady with compassion & lots of words of wisdom.
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    Ok leave Nightmyst alone, think that has been done to death, and if you want the full story, email her she'll be happy to explain the reasons to you. Suffice to say, she's her, her husband knows and it's ok with them, it's none of our business.
    To the original topic, female worshipping......I agree with Babeat, I am a better person now, and in alot of ways better looking than when in my 20's, because there is more personality there. Sure I had the hot to trot body more then however I was also very shallow and vain then. Now I find beauty in all shapes and sizes, male and female, and judge the person on who they are, not how they look or what they have.
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    Ms.Cougar..your terrific
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    HeartOfFire..I could not say it better myself..keep it up you have many that agree with you on many things.I jump in when I can to back you up.But..you do it so well,lol
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    A blonde was flying to S.F. When the plan took off she moved from economy class to first class. No matter what the flight attendant said to her the blonde wouldn't move back. So the attendant told the captain. He said, I will deal with this, I speak blonde. He went back and wispered in her ear and she immediately got up and move back to economy. The attendant was amazed and asked him what he said. Oh, he said I just told her first class wasn't going to S.F.
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    Nice weather we're having isn't it?

    Gee, how about those Mets huh?

    Say, did I tell you the joke about the ant and the...
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    EuropeanQT (Female , 69)
    What a wonderful age for the men on this site to get a great impression. Your attack on Mysty is based on your own insecuriteies. I have heard numerous people on this site complain about you and your nastiness. Is this how you live your life? Wow!
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    Well I don't see what the problem is. If she wants to be here she more than welcome. She has made if perfectly clear thats she not available. Why it should be said that it isn't is beyond me. And repeating your self so many times only made it redundant.

    The one thing I have noticed on this site is everyone is always ready to attack and hurt other people without even getting to know the person. So before passing judgement on a person take the time to get to know them first. At least then you can be more well informed.
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    Now, now lovely ladies, what saucy replies, LOL! As I was perusing the many unfounded accusations and vehement attacks directed here at me, they called to mind scenes right out of "Elimidate" where an insecure contestant viciously attacks the one she feels threatened by. And I never fail to wonder whether said contestant, upon watching herself on TV, finally realizes that her jealous tirades say absolutely nothing about her target but however never fail to showcase her own true colors and desperate inner ugliness.

    HeartofFire starts with "I really am glad you think you speak for everyone." My post says: "you now have some awareness as to how you?re coming across, at least to SOME of us." This right there invalidates HofF's entire bee yatch-like ramblings from the get-go.

    Babydol, you are wrong, I am NOT a Christian. Never claimed that much either. The Bible, like other religious text, does present here and there some very profound spiritual truths which I have made part of the Path I follow, for abiding by them has made me a better person. Now, ever heard of "Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" Another way of saying this is beware of your unfounded accusations: don't you know that when you point a spiteful finger at someone, three are pointing right back at you?! ;o) It is a well-known psychological fact that when you project lies into someone else such negative traits are sure to be found in you! If I were to word it with the intellectual and emotional Spongebob Squarepants maturity displayed by Heart of Fire (evident in her very childish "Get a life!"), it would be: ?I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!" :oP

    You have accused me of passing judgment on Nightmyst. There is a difference between a tongue-in-cheek post such as mine which presented some self-evident facts, a psychological truth (denial) and never accused but questioned things, albeit very irreverently, and a vicious post dotted with many ridiculous (and quite hilarious actually) attacks and insults. And btw, Babydol, do you understand my explanation of denial? Obviously not or else you wouldn't consider this an attack or an insult. You say Nightmyst's profile says she's not looking. Her profile clearly states at the top "I am looking for: LTR, Casual Dating, Prefer my match within United States" and THAT, my dear, is what made me question her motives and bring up denial. So much for attempting to portray ME in your derogative light, huh? She could have easily switched that to "looking for friends", but she chose not to, very interestingly.

    Let me quote myself again (lluuv it!): "the truth, to the person in denial about it, becomes a fact that she has not recognized and that she could probably not entertain without shock. The classic reaction then is to attack the person who calls her bluff or tries to pull the wool off of her eyes. (?)I do believe that you are not a liar but are rather pretty much in denial. I also believe a person is not fully responsible for what they're not aware of. Awareness brings responsibility. Having said this, I won't pass judgment but let me instead highlight a few facts for you to consider (...)"

    Now considering the women here below who got triggered and bent out of shape by my post, which addressed the possibility of Nightmyst being in denial about her true motives, I can only wonder why? Could it be, Hof F and Bbd, that we have here a severe case of "if the shoe fits..!"? ;o) At the very least your blatant nastiness screams: "MEN BEWARE! You are next!" You two have shown your true colors quite possibly preventing many a great guy a lot of heartache and BNC. So while you sit on your side of the screen, knee-deep in self-righteousness and negativity, pathetically attempting to project your character defects and your drama unto me and my humor, I'm right over here LMAO: You both have spoken volumes as to your character! Perhaps you're used to bullying men into not expressing their honest opinion but that won't work with me. So if won't dignify your further attacks with a reply it's because this post says it all, not because you've gotten your way: in the end you're just not worth it!

    But I really should thank you for bringing me into the spotlight like this: the number of hits on my profile has skyrocketed and double the men have saved me to their favorites! :o) I will give you this much bbd: I was off-topic. Or was I? Once again, a picture of true female beauty will appear opposite my post. Feel free to start worshiping any second now: maybe it'll rub off on ya! And HofF? Thank you for reading my long winded reply: I know that you were hanging on my every word! But Holy Nastiness! How dare you call me self-centered!? I am self-absorbed, there's a difference! :oP
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    Nightmyst was kind enough to personally e-mail me and explain the situation. Trust me... (or don't)...the reason(s) is quite valid and makes perfect sense.
    A very nice lady!
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    I agree with the last two. Private email your female friends on here if you want to keep in touch.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 14, 2005 at 08:38 AM

    Nightmyst has the right to put what she wants on her profile...same pic as always and not inappropriate.She is a terrific person.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 14, 2005 at 08:03 AM

    to admire what god has presented to us is appreciated. i love women that are beautiful inside and out.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 13, 2005 at 10:15 PM

    I second what MasRogue said.....I'm curious too...
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 13, 2005 at 05:28 PM

    Nightmyst -- I AM curious why you couldn't simply get your friends e-mail addresses if you wanted to maintain contact with them.
    And why post your photograph? If you are simply maintaining friends, who know what you look like...why post a pic?
    Making new friends perhaps? Why not establish contact and send your pic as an attachment?
    Not an attack on you - simple curiosity on my part. I was a cat in a previous life.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 13, 2005 at 02:32 PM

    Nightmyst is not here to cheat. If you are going to pick on someone go pick on the other thousands of women that are your competition. Mysty is beautiful but she is not here to break up her marriage. People that know her, know that about her. Euro, you formed an opinoin and posted it but what was your point, to hurt her? That wasn't very nice.
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    I do not have bosom close ups of anykind on my profile nor am I wearing heavey makeup. That being said... My husband is also not a millionaire. He is just a wonderful man whom I happened to fall in love with. But since I seem to make you uncomfortable by being here I will do you a favor and not visit the forums again. I am sorry to all of you that my presence is seen by some as something that it most definately is not. What I said is absolute truth and nothing more. I am sorry that there are people that want to beleive without ever speaking to an individual that they know what lies in their thoughts and hearts. I really believed that the forums were less cat ights then the messageboard. When I first visited them i saw them as adult conversations not ugly attacks against other humans. I was wrong and I am sorry. But just so it is made quite clear. My user name and pictures were used by another member on this site to make 64 fake profiles. My husband and I decided to keep my profile up because of that person. i will not go into details with any of you what happened as it is not a topic for conversation here, but for the young lady that felt the need to make a very judgemental post on m,y mental state, you had no business making those assumptions without knowing either myself or my husband. Several members know us both and any of those could have answered your questions before you made the statements you did intending solely to hurt. I wisdh you luck in your search. All of you, and I do hope that each of you will treat others with the respect that you wish to be treated with.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 10, 2005 at 09:47 AM

    Nightmyst, I completely sympathize with your heart wrenching dilemma: you're a married woman, you want to keep in touch with your many MM girlfriends and by keeping an active profile at MM you don't want to be judged as cheating on your millionaire husband whom (I should believe) you love more than cash itself.

    I have a major dilemma here too, which I?m sure you?ll sympathize with every bit as much as I did with yours: I don't want to be judged as passing judgment on you but, and please forgive my honesty, I find this so terribly peculiar, I can barely contain myself: what's a God-loving woman to do really?! Abide by "Judge not lest ye shall be judged" or "The Truth shall set you free"? Since I love freedom more than cowering away, I will share my perception with you as gently as possible, and you take what you like and leave the rest, how's that?

    Let me ask you this: are you familiar with the term "denial"? When someone is in denial basically the subconscious is concealing its true motives from the conscious mind, causing it to categorically deny the obvious truth of its actions (obvious to everyone else with half a brain); the truth, to the person in denial about it, becomes a fact that she has not recognized and that she could probably not entertain without shock. The classic reaction then is to attack the person who calls her bluff or tries to pull the wool off of her eyes. Before the boys who read this start yelling ?meow!? let me say this: I do believe that you are not a liar but are rather pretty much in denial. I also believe a person is not fully responsible for what they're not aware of. Awareness brings responsibility. Having said this, I won't pass judgment but let me instead highlight a few facts for you to consider, if you would, lest someone else passes some pretty nasty judgment here:

    If I were married and wanted to keep in touch with my MM female friends, of course there is absolutely no way that I could do this by private email and since there are no other sites which provide IM, gosh darnet, I'd have to keep my profile active here, for sure! As for my picture, I'd leave as main a very sexy one, no way that I would change it for my other more demure one: we all know that heavy makeup, bare skin, close-up bosoms and a suggestive pose is the way to go when you're married and on a singles dating website trying to keep the guys at bay and just innocently chatting with the girlfriends! Hhmm? Okay maybe you're starting to see my point. Maybe you're thinking how dare I write all this?! Well I read your post, viewed your pic, gathered data and formed an opinion. That's what humans do. (Yes, even the most non-judgmental ones as well as the ones that are thinking this or worse but would never dare speak up). So please ?don?t yell at me? (to use your text) for being human. But it's true I know nothing about you or your life. After all, I?m speaking with my (ignorant) view point and my set of values. I am the faithful kind. I am one who would respect my husband [or boyfriend]enough to switch pictures (if I were to make the decision to stay at MM and quite frankly I seriously doubt that!) so as not to make him doubt me. Trust is key.

    I'm saying my point of view sitting here IS ignorant as I have no idea what's really going on with you and why you choose to present yourself in this light and then ask us not to judge. Yet I cannot pass up the opportunity to let you know how you are coming across. I could only speculate: perhaps you feel your husband doesn't care about you and you need to test him? Maybe you want HIM to ask you to take down the photo? You?re right. I absolutely don't understand. I am the kind who doesn't play mind games. My assertive directness is sometimes viewed as abrasive but I'm just not into passive-aggression or drama. I'm into awareness and facing the facts. If I stopped feeling loved or valued by my mate, I'd ask him what's going on. I'm very direct. I've learned that you can't make anyone love you and I'd rather know the truth. I love and respect myself, more than cash itself. (Maybe why I'll never be good at that gold digging business!)

    In conclusion, if you are really here for the reasons you claim to be, it's not up to me to disbelieve, to question you or even to imply you're playing mind games or don't share my values. Understand, I?m not. But you now have some awareness, like it or not, as to how you're coming across, at least to some of us. It's your decision whether to change your pic, shrug this off and keep on as is, or even get bent out of shape and post a nasty reply back.

    Whatever you decide, may awareness, love and harmony dominate your relationship.

    Peace on out!
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