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    Have you seen the data from the American satellite, Cassini, of the colorful, absolutely beautiful, and mysterious rings of Saturn; and when the Scientist first look upon the pictures, transmitted back from the satellite, after a seven year wait, and they said "Wow, this is mind-blowing". And what are they looking at? Each individual track, each one is a different color. And when will the Scientist figure out that Saturn, with its gorgeous rings, is Mother Nature's CD player/satellite dish beaming info back and forth to the concealed invisible dimension that today's scientist only perceive as the mysterious dark energy controlling the mysterious dark matter? And also, the Scientist, from the satellite, Cassini, hear the humming of the Planet, which sound like ?? , have you ever-stood near powerful electrical lines, maybe at a transfer station, and hear the humming? Well, it reminds me of that.
    You know, all this about the Rings of Saturn, reminds me the story of the six blind men trying to describe an Elephant. And in this truncated version, there each the two blind men felt the ends of the Elephant exclaiming, "I feel a tail", and the other blind man said on the other end "I feel a tail too". "What kind of creature is this?" And one blind man said "I stuck my hand in its mouth" and the other blind man, on the other end, said "I stuck my hand in its?? eeeewwwwuuuuuu yuk!!!!!!
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    I've read a few of your posts, and have just one thing to say: Darlin' you need to get back on your meds.........
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