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YOU keep STOPPING YOU from finding LOVE, here's WHY ?
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Posted on Mon, Apr 07, 2014 13:03

As pointed out before Love, Affairs, and Relationships are types of deals. They must be Negotiated. Thus, when you seek love you are in a constant state of negotiation. These negotiations happen whether you are aware of them, or not. Whether you participate in them, or stand by and let them happen, for explanation see   
(THE CONTRACT you're in VIOLATION of the moment YOU sign it, written by me ).
    Some of the things that some of you are asking for, and some of you are willing to give are unrealistic, so the negotiations always stall ( the love affair can't get started). In other words you are out of sink with your own reality ( another one of my poems, but I won't bore you with it, I'll continue to bore you with this subject instead, smile). By the way I'm not trying to teach you anything, but rather share something with you.
    You may have noticed that I often use math or story examples in an effort to make my points clearer. And so we shall once again.
    Lets say that you are negotiating to buy a brand new $500,000 Rolls Royce from me ( YOU a $500,000 Rolls, yea, right ,smile ), and my cost  (what I paid for it ) on this vehicle is $400,000. You offer me $50,000, to open the negotiations . I cannot open negotiations with you on that offer, if I do, we could never agree upon a price for which you would buy my vehicle. Here is the reason why.  The negotiations would go something like this. I come down on my price $50,000, my selling price is now $450,000 dollars. So I point out to you that you must come up on your offer it's way to low. So you raise your offer to $100,000. So I offer to sell you the car at $400,000 (my cost) , you must raise your offer again. So you offer $150,000, which leaves us $250,000 apart. I'm offering to sell you the car for what I paid for it, so I can't come down,not another penny. And you won't raise your offer unless I lower my price. You know what your argument would be, you'd say to me, I've raised my offer $100,000, if you won't lower your price anymore , you're not serious about selling me the car.
    When the real problem is that your original offer was so unrealistic that I never should have entered into negotiations with you in the first place. I should have explained to you right up front how unrealistic your offer was, and that unless you were willing to raise your offer at least $350,000, we can't make a deal. And then ask you whether or not you are willing to do that. If your answer to that question is no then I should just walk away from the deal. Because there NEVER WAS A POSSIBLE DEAL TO BEGIN WITH.
     Some of you have done exactly as I have stated in the above example.  The conditions you have put on your LOVE are so Unrealistic, that no one could, or would want to accept them. And anyone who would try to accept them, would be someone who you could not respect for having so little respect for themselves as to lower themselves to except such conditions. After all you could never LOVE someone who had no respect for themselves, or that you had no respect for.
    Whether you know that this is your position, or not, it is your position.
    It"s the perfect catch 22.
    It reminds me of the old line from the great Groucho Marx when asked to join a country Club ( Para phasing ) : I do not wish to be a member of this Country Club, in fact I would never join a Country Club that would stoop so low as to have me as a member.  

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