Yeah, thats right, I'm a millionaire...... Dating Wealthy Men / Women Forward to friends

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    Millionaires and Non Millionaires are on here...And yes I have stayed at Sanderson hotels, The Sangita Private game reserve, Hotel gritti, cipriani, the ritz, Waldorf, Mandrian Oreintal hotels
    But also at the citadines , savoy, etc...In Europe , Most millionaires want to make even more so the playboy jet setters make up less then 1 percent..usually trust fund babies from real old money famous names and trust Me I have seen a trust fund baby go through 20 million and in five years ZILCH>>zero...So give me a damn Millionaire work ahololic with a great heart and when he has to stay at the office late let me have that "BLACK AMERICAN EXPRESS///Wink
    And not every millionaire would be on the french Riveria I am married and divorcing one he is making more money and miserable workaholic.and making me miserable.....of course most millionaires who are multi level they can't stop when they made 5 they go to 10, 15, 25 , 50 on and on and heart attacks.... it becomes an obsession....
    even Bill Gates keeps on working does he need to HELL NO

    So Give me TRUE LOVE like Christopher Reeves had with his wife...She stood by his side like a really classy wife I think this IS LOVE>.Oh I married a millionaire prince he is really a jack as.s

    Smiles D
    I have made friends with a few millionaires from here and match Platonic..and One owns a company that if you go ogle him it goes on and on.
    The same with another, and so everyone needs love and romance...from the street cleaner to the wall street man..
    and this is a fact...and some wealthy men I know like dating sites because they have unsual schedules with travel and with the sites they can meey potential mates across the map which hmmmm when they settle down just hope they take their names off the sites...