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Is age really just a number?
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Posted on Sun, Oct 20, 2013 07:09

Hi I
m Jeff and am an older man. I think older men don
t really pay that much attention to what people around might look at you like or might even say. If two people are attracted to one another and they are comfortable with each other then age is just a number. But I would say some older men are shy to approuch a younger woman cos of what they might say or a look that might be given to them. A older man has really more to offer a younger woman. 1. he will listen more 2. the love he will give will be deeper 3. he is done with games and all that goes with it 4. He is set in to life more to where he wants to be happy and knows what a relationship takes. Plus a younger woman will give the older man life and in some instances make him younger. A older man is more experienced in love making and will show the younger woman a deeper pleasure I think. So if you meet a older man you like help him out with breaking the ice. Cos it my just be enough to get him going and feel comfortable to continue on with you. Good luck.

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