Men always looking for younger women. Romance Forward to friends

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    I agree Steel, I see a lot more people being positive and it would be nice to keep it that way. I think Tomi is adorable and she speaks the truth and certainly does not write posts to slam others. The older I get the more sex drive I have! Sometimes I understand where men are coming from when they think about sex every 3.5 seconds is it?? I think men should appreciate that in us older women.
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    Sharp, they are gold members and pay for their membership.
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    I think your preferred when u bought a membership....
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    Okay, sorry to stray from the topic...but this topic seems to get alot of attention, from people I consider have some semblance of intelligence...I have a question. In the last week, when I do a search, suddenly some names have "preferred" highlighted in a blue box. What makes them preferred? They are not in my favorites list. I haven't contacted them, or winked at them. Not all of them meet what little criteria this system asks for. So what criteria is the system using to determine who is preferred and who is not? Does anyone know?
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    barkeep... everyone's entitled to their opinion here, it's a forum, it doesn't mean we have to approve everything that is said but we do have to respect the other's opinion... and be diplomatic and civil and courteous... treat people like you would like to be treated...
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    well, obviously I'm hitting nerves. My periscope is pointed younger, but I dated a 39 year old last week that was awesome. I've only been married once. 15 years. And I was faithful everyone of those years. Before that, I was into trouble...all the time. I'm just getting back into finding trouble again.

    I also said, it is a very difficult task finding that women who is very attractive to me physically as well as emotionally. And what I find gorgeous others might not. Beauty is a very personal experience. Go look at the mona lisa...that ugly thing. But wait a second, have a closer look...
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    Fun4two.. all of your posts that I've read are truly insightful and make you sound like the true lady that I believe that you are.

    As for hypocrits.. well.. I find the people that complain about it not being ok for older women to date younger men.. are the same ones that find it not acceptable for older men to date younger women..

    Personally.. I'm currently attracted to men a bit older than me. Hasn't always been that way and may not always stay that way. But it's my choice to make. I think that as long as the people involved are consenting adults.. who are others to say what's ok? In Sweden, 18 is the age when one is considered an adult. That's the age when you're allowed to vote and make all decisions about yourself. Surely you can also decide who to date. Now I too have to admit that I would react if I saw an 18 year old on the arm of an 60 year old, regardless of gender of the older person.. maybe that makes me a hypocrite? I don't know, but I do make an effort to keep an open mind and not to judge people whos situations I know nothing about. I try, but naturally I don't suceed everytime. Nobody's perfect, so I guess there's a tiny bit of doublemoral in me too.

    Oh and for the record.. the ladies posting here.. most of you are simply stunning and have amazing figures! You're in better shape than many women a lot younger so keep your heads high!!

    Take care everybody! It's 1am and I have rambled enough. Over and out.
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    I am looking for a younger woman, so that she may bear my child... any takers???
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    BK you are showing your nastiness here. Most of us these days are taking preventative health products and i know they work. I have a doozy and my bones are very good. But you might need to start taking those precautions. I hate to inform you but we do not have the monopoly on calcium loss here. It will happen to you if you are not taking the proper measures.. By time you are 40 it is starting and by time you are 70 watch out. We might think you are getting "BRITTLE"...S4U
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    barkeep, the news is out that some of us are trying to bring some order and decency back to the forums. If we all try a little harder, it'll be a much friendlier place. TomiGirl is a nice lady, not to mention a pretty face and personality too. Please try a little respect for other's feelings. It goes a long way.
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    barkeep.........and you would write that post to me BECAUSE????????? Just because I am THRU with menopause doesn't mean I represent "brittle".. I am just as active now as I was 10 or 20 years ago and can do those things I coudl do 20 years ago. My posts are not mean spirited, but more informational of women my age, and if you read the other women's posts, they feel the same way I do, so go back behind your bar and behave yourself!!!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 14, 2005 at 08:12 PM you've dated and even married long did they last? How many times have you been married? Besides gorgeous...anything else of substance to these ladies?
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    Ah Tomi. They do think they have a monopoly on physical condition. Don't them. Put me in the water on a seadoo and i'll stay out there and come in for refueling only. Get me on the water skiis and i'll just go like the energizer bunny or under i get busted by a wave...(OUCH!!) and yours might be 100# but mine are 200#. And i do that every day that i work. Nursing is one of the best ways to stay in shape without working out i assure you. But these guys sometimes think we can't keep up with them. Oh but how little they really know.:O)~
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    If I had a 20 dollar bill, purchased something for 10 dollars and got 20 dollars back, what would that mean?...Can you explain your math to us again Absolute? Adding 10 to each persons age would still be a difference of 20, right? 44, 24 or 54, 34...Maybe they do math differently out that way.
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    Thank you Girls for the lovely compliments. Love my hair curly. It's easy to do and a fun hairstyle :)
    Didn't know I was a diamond in the rough tho. At my age, I think we are all 100 ct pure! No "rough" here and as I look at the other ladies pics, there's no "rough" there either. Just because we are in our 50s doesn't mean we are about to lay down and die. We may be menopausal, but sexually speaking, we are in our prime. Sadly, alot of men can't say that, since they reach their sexual prime at about age 18-20. Who ever said "youth is wasted on the young" hit the nail directly on the head. :)
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    and someone who picked on my being from a country other than your own...I say...that doesn't matter either. Age doesn't matter, nor does country. Love will find you and hit you regardless of your age difference and country difference. My sister has been dating Americans and British thru the internet. And even her own fellow Canadians. God bless the internet. Everyone is having fun...trying to find love. If you're out there and you're for me, I can't wait to find you!
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    If you read my first post, I might sound like a hypocrite in my second post. I am seeking youth for their strength...and absolutely, I know there are lots of older women that are strong. But they are diamonds in the rough. I stand by my age doesn't matter statement. But my periscope is pointed younger...

    I think someone was saying I look older and am dating younger women who look older. Not so. I look my age and the women I date look their age. I'll tell you my biggest problem is finding women that are attractive to me, it is very, difficult because I've gone out with or been married to gorgeous. You know what though? I've found being older and wealthy has made it easier to find those women...and it's not the wealthy piece, it's the confidence that comes from being wealthy and secure.
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    oh my god! this is funny! the "bob" guy...he is 44! I didn't see where he was from but they dont age well there. So this is simple, if he is 44 and looks 54, the girls he dates are 24 and look 34. Technically that makes ONLY a 10 year age difference. I am dating a guy who is 11 years under than me and we both look the same age (and the sex is great) so who cares!!!!!
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    When I was younger, I dated two different older women - about 7 years older, but both were in great shape and beautiful. Both decided that the relationship would not work over the long term because when they were 60 or 65 and not quite as cute or attractive, they believed that I would dump them for a younger woman. I doubt if that would have happened, but the age difference made them very insecure. Both later married older men so they could have the advantage of being younger, and thus always look like a good catch to their husbands. I later saw one of them when she was about 60 and she was still a knockout with the same tight figure she had 20 years ago. I sure fussed at her about ditching me. lol

  • View author's info Posted on Mar 13, 2005 at 12:33 PM the new hairstyle Tomi...looks great!
    Bobsthename...I prefer to drive my own snowmobile than ride behind anyone.
    Every guy who has ever ridden behind me on my Seadoo has commented I'm a speed demon & wild driver, but they'd get on the back with me again for the thrill! And no one helps me with my scuba gear! I do believe we're the same age. Five years from now I wonder if you could still keep up with me, or if you'd be slowing down some?
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