Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    Katie are we sure this man is 42. He is a major defensive issue. A2 it doesnot matter that BFJ said she didn't like fat men and i assure you her word should have been bald not bold. I love bold men i also love bald men if they have a great shaped head. But i do NOT like fat men they are unattractive to me. That is MY preference. Does that make me a bad person. No not in the least. Do you like Fat women. Do you know what 100# of fat looks like brought out in a wheelbarrel. It's something you do not want to see. So we all have our preferences. Respect them as we will respect yours. But i have to really say you sound like my children when something didn't go their way. We all sounded like that in our teen age yrs. but it's time to quit reading things into something that is not there.At 42 i would think you would not be so child like but the world is made up of all kinds of people. Anything you want to say you can say in a much more adult way geared to appease the minds of all of our personalities. You don't have to agree with us but you do need to learn the art of a debate. It's much more civil....S4U
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    Thank you Sharp1. I really appreciate you for your sharp wit, and integrety. Maybe it will rub off on some people here.

    You seem to be a very kind and genuine woman, I hope you have toe best of luck on here.You deserve it.
    I also read what you wrote to the 20 yr old on another forum, and it was great . Maybe , there will be some good comming out of these posts, after all there is enough garbage, we have to put up with, and if we can help someone with our life experiences then it will all be worth it.
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    A2000......Who pissed on your Wheaties today?? Geez, lighten up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I suspect that since you are so worked up over Butterfly slamming Bald and Fat guys, that you probably belong to that that really why no picture?? Also, in your profile you state that you "tend to grow on people, like a fungus". WELL....not a good image in my mind, but hey if the shoe fits.......fungus it is!!
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    OK, if you think that I directed that at you then I am sorry, If you are fat then Im sorry about that too.If you are BALD not BOLD then I am sorry about that too, I am sorry that you are even on this site, I am sorry that I am even taking the time to write this sorry little note back to a sorry person, who cant even say sorry to anyone who he has verbally abused, and yet he wants me to say sorry to him when I never directed anything to him except, the respose that he prefered goats to women, I am sorry for that too, because I really feel sorry for you , Hell I will even apologize to katiegirl for you on your behalf because you are too sorry to say sorry to her for your SORRY RUDE comments to her, maybe you are just so sorry that you cant even see that you are one of the sorry abusive men in the world who like to tear down women, you have NO right to say that I didnt apologize, you are not reading, I guess because I took back my statement 2 days ago,. So get over it already, and just say YOU ARE SORRY because you owe everyone here an apology!!!!!!!!!
    have I made myself clear..... DUHHHHHH!
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    Alex, butterfly seems like a very nice lady. She didn't aim her comments at anyone in particular. She doesn't know you, nor know what you look like. She only stated her preferences, that's all. I don't understand why you attacked her for no apparent reason.
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    self entitled b_ _ _ _ _ _
    irk at me, as far as me being here, i' m not doing too bad. and katiegirl you are entitled to your opinion
    you know what they say; opinions are like a_ _ _ _ _ _ every one has one...
    but perhaps instead of wasting so much precious time forensically going thru my profile and see where you can pick me apart; you should consider going to the gym and relieve all that frustration and bitterness you carry inside or perhaps a hunk of a man will see your profile and fall in love with you.....personally i think that we have a better shot of seeing haley,s comet again....katiegirl does this post fit the juvenile,immature, and vulgar post??????? i want to be able to please you
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    statuesque again the misreads.......if a man loves ladies panties or shoes etc. it is considered a fetish . this also applies to men that have a fetish for bbw's the men not the bbw's have a fetish. i did not say that all men have this fetish towards bbw's I have always maintained that one can fall in love with anyone. as far as me being defensive trust me Im not. As far as my looks I happen to be in great shape and considered a handsome man. lastly my beef is with self entitled B_ _ _ _ _ _. sorry to be so insensitive however i don't know any other way.
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    Sharp, butterfly tells someone to get an education and you find that nice??????? but you find me insulting??? look this is tiring all i can tell you is that you wish you knew someone like me.......
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    Thank you katie girl, I'll consider it.
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    your abusive, juvenile and argumenatative posts are typical of a grade four student. I only have two words left for you. ..........

    Seek therapy.....
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    I love all of you.....why don/t all of you pick up the story from the beginning it was butterfly that made a rude comment it was i that came to the defense of the fat and the bold. you geniuses however have chosen to disregard butterfly's comments and attack my reply. perhaps being it that all of you are ssooooooomuch more intelligent than i am, you should have suggested to butterfly to apologize for her comment. instead you try to bestow your worthless and idiotic cliches on all of us. as far as me not having a pic up is because i tend to be a bit more private and will send to who i think it should be sent to.
    sorry that it does not fit your M.O. but don't worry i would rather date a GOAT>...................................................
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    The comment from alex2000, I had translated and it means--All of the flavors I am flavors said the cat that licked the bottom? That's way over my head! Sounds to me like he is challenging butterfly in a very flirtatious manner. It almost sounds like animals are a big part of the Italian language, with the constant references.
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    A2...butterfly is right...people post on forums. As everyone thinks differently, unless posts are written extremely clear, no ambigiuty, then posts can be, will be in the future, and have been in the past interpreted differently then what the writer intended. With the interpretations, sometimes feelings of anger are aroused in some personalities, others may find it hilarious and laugh. Should the reader choose to post themselves their own opinion addressing a particular post...that's exactly what they are doing...expressing their OWN OPINION. It should not be an attack on the individual. We all have our opinions. You should take this into consideration. Express your opinion, but don't personally attack someone else, because you didn't like their opinion which varied from your own. That's crass of you. Butterfly has contributed on various forums in many positive ways. I read one giving advice to a 20 yr old to get an education. Very well written. In another forum she commented to another about being positive on the forums, because as she noted to the individual...alot of men & women read these posts...and all the negative things you reflect your personality. I wouldn't want to know you.
    Good luck.
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    Puppypaws how did you ever go thru life without someone snapping you up?

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    Hey did you guys see the news today, they were talking about how in some areas, not sure where they were talking about, but they paint the goats, and dress them up for Easter, maybe thats where the goat attraction originated from who knows.
    I never said that there was anything wrong with dating heavier people , I said that I didnt prefer men who were fat or that let themselves go! I do have a right to my taste, I wasnt speaking of a particular person, just my preferences, as you have yours, which for some reason are goats, SORRY!
    And by the way Katie you are very cute, if I was into women I would date you, but sorry about that, I prefer men, and I know you do too, LOL.
    Mr. A. , whatever your name is, you are really very amusing, I look forward to your next response. LOL
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    you need ur pic in here because you could not mke it anyother way, im sure some desperado out there would give u a chance after 10 drinks and being turned down by 3 or 4 would be game........please don't be offended im just giving back what i am being given.
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    butterfly, cmon honey im sure you have been a goat for some guy at some point in your life, so im sure you know how wonderful it feels...............
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    I don't have to look it up. I have my own personal translator.

    il pi? caro,
    -Is his Italian any LESS offensive than his English comments are? Or is it just fake Italian?
    (It'd be nice if it wasn't so creepy.....)
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    A2 - you charmer ....
    I had to laugh ... after I finished reading your rambling post, (what a delightful gentleman you are!) I went to your profile.
    I read, at the top of the page, your question, "Does this really work????"
    I chuckled, "Not for you!" lol
    If your aim is to find love or romance here at MM, you totally blew it!!! Do you need glasses Alex or have you looked at the beauties who write in this forum? What were you thinking when you decided to show dozens of beautiful MM members just how rude and abusive you can be to 2 other women on this site?
    Nice work!!! That'll get you a lot of dates! lol
    Now, it says in your profile that you have an athletic build. If that's the truth, why have you got your boxers in a twist over Butterfly's off the cuff remark about fat men? What do you care? I mean, what's your problem with that? Lighten up! Unless you just SAY you're athletic and, in actual fact, you are similar in shape to a melon, back off on the fat thing. Who cares?
    And what is your difficulty with the word "bald?" You keep writing "bold!" Which is it? Butterfly was talking about BALD men, not BOLD men. Changes the whole meaning of the discussion if you use one word instead of the other. And Butterfly has already said she didn't mean to mention bald men in her previous post. "Water under the bridge now." That's plain English. Did you get it? If not, look it up!
    So now that you have probably alienated all the women who dislike abusive men, and then another bunch of women who are not fond of intolerant, self-righteous jerks who think they're experts on fetishes and mental disorders, (yeah, that will earn you points!) I would suggest you apologize to the people you've been maligning and start fresh. We're a very forgiving group here.
    If you find that just too humiliating to manage, I refer you to your last comments on your profile page that reads: ?I
    m not bad.........i t...
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