Men always looking for younger women. Romance

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    S4U, OMG, I had to come back and read your post from the 24th, LMAO, it is hysterical, and you are awesome.I can see that you are quite a character, Ill bet you are a riot to be around, You seem to always see another side of things than the norm.
    Too, funny,
    thanks for the backup,.
    and the laugh.
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    notice , in his 40's and still totally hot!
    Now thats what Im talking about girls!
    Definately a nice addition to this group.
    wink, wink.
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    can we please leave the 20s alone =) I realize that most people in their 20s are extremely immature, having no clue what life is or even who they themselves are...but you guys are killing off the fish in my pond =) I, due to the way i was raised and the fact that i was lucky enough to have chalked up quite a bit of life experience points early, am not one of the mindless 20s that so many of you speak of. i, for example, started my own company when i was 16. A very successful company (and no i was not pushing a lawn mower) i am world traveled and have achieved every dream of mine on my own accord within the time possibilities of my life thus far.
    the age group i prefer is mid 30s...I would go older but I dont want to be left a widow at a young age. so for me, i thank god for older men who are willing to give a 22yr old woman a chance to prove the stereotype wrong. Otherwise, I would be left with the 20 yr old stereotype to date myself!
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    Bravo! Bravo!!! 1SG!!! Such a gentleman!!! Please everyone... standing ovation here!!!!!

    And confidentwithaheart, I agree with you, lots of beautiful and nice ladies here (in a very non-lesbian way... I have to add... ), and the men here who ARE gentlemen in every sense of the word (and I DO wholeheartedly insist on the word GENTLEMEN) are the pick of the crop!!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2005 at 03:52 PM

    Hey, lioncourt... our short little posts get lost in all those realllllly long ones, don't they???? lol Gee, I just read yours today, it was so far down the line!!!!!

    So, lioncourt, how about that incredible weather we're STILL having... supposed to be 15C this week... ;)
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2005 at 01:46 PM

    I have to admit that I may have made a hasty decision about this site, and if so "I'm sorry", lol. Some of your post are outstanding, real wit, and to SouthernGentleman, real chivalry. I hope I get to know you all better.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2005 at 03:13 AM

    Yeah caught me, I lay on my dining table ALL DAY! Sometimes I change it up though and switch positions and of course the position depends on whether I have company or not ;-)

    I wasn't just jumping on the bandwagon, I don't like rude men ridiculing my friends! Especially men that don't have the BALLS enough to post a picture of themselves for us to admire and laugh at!! You should take your fake profile somewhere isn't working here and if you think your attitude is going to win you dates off this site now, you are sorely mistaken! The smartest women read and/or post on the forum, so congrats on shooting yourself in the foot!! Don't worry though, lots of newbies have joined that club, so you are not alone......:-)
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 27, 2005 at 02:59 AM

    Well now Confident, honey, you told me that you had already chosen me!! Darling don't make me come to Florida and kick your cheatin' a*s!! ;-)


    You are a hottie yourself and will have no trouble I am sure! :-) Welcome to the Cat House.....we don't bite, only claw! Meeoooowwww
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    Ed the reason ur wife has a yeast infection could be for various reasons, 1 she has been sleeping with you
    2 she is probably a pig or 3 she has probably had so many slobs in here that that is the result and if you have a wife ed why are u in here looking?????? ed i have 2 words for you:
    B_ _ W ME
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 08:03 PM

    Thanks LaVie for that kind dialogue! I happen to like Katie very much....and would like to get to know you as well. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?? :-)
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 09:51 AM

    LMAO. S4U, LOL I did say bald not bold, you are a riot. but then I also said I kinda like a nice bald head,LOL, anyway, you know what I mean, but to tell you the truth, I like BOLD men also. Shit Im laughing so hard at your post that I lost track of what my point was, oh well, must be a blonde moment., sorry guys.
    Im sure A2 is going to have fun with that one,
    I think he likes me LOL

    Oh and SouthernGent, thank you for your support, Im am glad to see that there are some gentlemen left in the world. MUAH!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 02:57 AM

    your Wheaties-piss comment was hilarious.

    Do you get the impression sometimes that these NEW people come in, not knowing anybody OR their style of humour, and just shoot their mouths .... um .... keyboards off without making any sense or making sure their rude behavior is justified? For the sake of peace, I wish the ornery members would take the example of some of the sweet and tolerable new members, and say something NICE instead of slamming people up against the boards with no warning.

    10 minute penalty for slashing ........
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 02:47 AM

    Beautiful S4U -
    I'm not even sure if he is a legitimate new member. He sounds very much like a covert, undercover guy who is playing games with everybody. I think he should scrap this profile and personality and start a NEW faux profile that isn't so suspicious and offensive.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 02:41 AM

    1SG -
    Spoken like a true Southern gentleman.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 02:32 AM

    ok Hot mama now you too???? tell me is that the position you assume most of the day?????? circulation to your brain will be minimal you could get hurt..... you could go into a semi vegetative state, but wait judgind by your profile you already are in a semi vegetative state....
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 02:23 AM

    southern.....i'm having a blast.....this is the most fun i have had in a long time, besides i get to practice typing. Southern if you can come to butterfly's defense for her comments because "she did mean ianything by it" why don't you feel the same about my comments back to her???? i know why.......because you have a better chance of getting something out of her than out of me.. (Wink Wink)......i wish people would mind their business. this was between butterfly and myself and others have escalated it and continue to do so. Children some of you need to get a life. Southern Im sorry you are offended however be a man and direct your sermons to the ladies and ask them to stop attacking. finally southern i assure you i m writing this with a smile.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 25, 2005 at 02:01 AM

    butterfly...thank you. Somtimes I have a myriad of thoughts, and to express them all...well, I can miss some. Like the advice we both gave to the 20 yo. When I read yours I thought...I was thinking that, how could I have forgotten to mention it? But I could never have said it as clearly & concisely as you did. I think together, we both covered all the bases that young lady needed to hear. Now it's up to her as to what she does with that advice & her life.
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 24, 2005 at 11:04 PM

    Lion he was someone i saw on one of the forums but apparently it was not this one. They must have posted it on the wrong forum or he has deleted his profile?????
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 24, 2005 at 08:20 PM

    Alex2000 - you're getting out of line here. You need to understand that your comments are offensive to the ladies and to me and they need to stop. Now. Everyone here is trying to have some fun and you are taking things too seriously. I suggest you lighten up and have a little fun with everyone. If you don't, you'll simply find yourself being left out. Butterflynjax is a very nice person. She deserves to be treated with respect and hope that you can see that and act appropriately. She meant no harm in her earlier post and if you slow down and read closely you'll see that. We are all friends here and you can feel welcome at any time, okay? Why don't we start over and make things right?
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 24, 2005 at 07:35 PM

    LMAO Butterfly! If you wanted to date me.... and I weren't so X-tremely straight ... I'd probably accept! lol

    And I mean that ...... in a very..... non-lesbian way!!!!!

    lol lol lol lol
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