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    wwwww123 write:
    Love is like a candle
    blowing in the wind.

    The light of our life,
    our happiness,
    and love,

    or the darkness,
    and sadness,
    of our loss

    We must strive
    to protect
    our love candles

    from the storms
    of our unions,
    and life

    copyright bc 1988-2005 all right reserved

    Good try , so u are enjoying poetry or at least copying poetry then?

    little rhymes
    for all times
    keeps the mind nimble
    the heart palpable

    dedicated to a newbie from me :)
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    Love is like a candle
    blowing in the wind.

    The light of our life,
    our happiness,
    and love,

    or the darkness,
    and sadness,
    of our loss

    We must strive
    to protect
    our love candles

    from the storms
    of our unions,
    and life

    copyright bc 1988-2005 all right reserved
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    My heart beats,
    and my mind races.

    The longing wells up,
    and my spirit paces.

    Sad and alone,
    through a desert I walk.

    Wishing you were here,
    wishing we could talk.

    Whenever I am where you are not,
    my feelings of emptiness wash me away.

    For days I wander, hoping you to see,
    the memory of you is a moment,
    but the moment will never stay.
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    maayan write:
    Bonnie, I guess enjoy them while you can, is the philosophy to have for our kids. I can understand the MTV plan, but getting married at your son's age -he is very optimistic!!!

    HOpe the air is not so bad in KL..son calmed down and trying to get job to pay me back..would take him a lifetime if he is just working in a comic shop...yes first love is so painfully naive..
  • View author's info posted on Aug 10, 2005 20:06

    maayan write:

    It is my pleasure sharing his poems Bonnie. I want to say, despite your profession, you are such a gifted writer. Such clarity in thought, such beauty in presentation. I miss reading more of yours in the forum. Knew you been busy. Travel well ok.


    thanks Maayan..have been too busy with my wayward son. Just got into London and he announced he is doing this MTV music video which some director is investing in him and he wants to get married having runaway home on a ticket he bought with my credit card..and got home to throw a party with his friends without my permission...He is putting all my legal and mothering experience to the ultimate test!
    Did not have time to go up north to KL..was completely stressed out by this son of mine..unconditional love sure needs redefining here..could well write a play out of this episode..
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    I dont know that I would really call this a poem as it is so short. I wanted to give a lady flowers, but wanted something unique to put on the card.

    This is what I came up with.

    The Red Rose is like an Eagle.
    The White is like a Dove.
    The Red Rose screams of Passion,
    And the White whispers of Love.

    Needless to say I gave her one red and one white rose with the card.
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    I wrote this poem long ago....when I was in love with my first true love...probably my last, but hopefully not....
    "Why am I looking at you like this?
    Only because I want to watch your lips..
    two pieces of overipe fruit part as your
    words slide slowly over your tongue
    I memorize them"
  • View author's info posted on Jun 13, 2005 00:27

    I know you are made of sterner stuff
    through the rough and tough
    I sieve for gold in the muddy pan
    through buckets of golddiggers, the independent man.

    dedicated to all on MM..:)
  • View author's info posted on Jun 12, 2005 15:57

    Thanks Maayan for sharing that lovely poem..I can see why you were both such a romantic couple...
    We were two mercenary wordsmiths only writing for money..nothing aesthetic at all..
    dry reams of dusty legal papers that would drive entire roomful of pin-stripe suited men to doze off at meetings that span through the night...the only time anyone would read those stuff again was when there is a dispute...
  • View author's info posted on Jun 09, 2005 08:41

    nice Maayan that you will remember him thru his poems..I wish my husband did that..instead of dry reams of legal contracts..
  • View author's info posted on May 11, 2005 10:06

    champagnepowder write:
    I didn't doubt, just questioned. Ever considered working for Hallmark...LOL.


    NO they are too cheesy for me..I would probably do and print my own someday soon...mine I hope are more

    I make personalised ones just for friends, one of a kind..and they all treasure them or mount them as pictures..just in case I get famous..:)
  • View author's info posted on May 10, 2005 13:08

    Why do you doubt that it is not mine..I was a published poet since 16..wrote for mercenary reasons
    Poetry is a much forgotten form of literary expression , a dying art which I would love to see revive..I usually compose rhymo-grams for friends' alternative to stripo-gram which all my friends love..
    would love to use them as lyrics to songs too if only I was more musical..

    Shared pain
    LOve's gain
    Passion coupled
    Happiness doubled
    Expenses expand
    romantically grand
    marriage matched
    lovers attached...

    dedicated to all on this site...:)
  • View author's info posted on May 10, 2005 01:08

    NIce to have a man who appreciates poetry and writes it too.not many men these days bother to express themselves in such fine well thought out words...but they all have no time to stand and stare let alone put thoughts to paper...

    the precursor
    of Man's world
    unknown, un-quantifiable
    he squanders it
    on his death bed
    where he has spent it
    clawing, clasping
    for the last grain
    as the sand of time
    slips through his fingers
    leaving behind
    desperate emptiness..
  • View author's info posted on May 09, 2005 18:48

    That is a beautiful poem champagne...very romantic.
  • View author's info posted on Mar 02, 2005 18:54


    Empty, lonely, broken hearted
    A million words can't explain how I felt
    when you departed
    oh how I long for your sensitive touch
    I never knew how I loved you so much
    Streams flow down from my eyes
    It seems like they will never dry
    I close my eyes then see your face
    I can see you touch me
    feel your embrace
    but when I open my eyes
    i'm over-ruled by this confusion
    when I look twice
    your just an illusion
    I can't explain the loss
    I can't explain my feelings
    I know one thing
    I do need time for healing
    but how can I heal when the one I love
    left me for another?
    In all honesty
    There would be no other
    I'll just stay in my room
    Locked alone in the dark
    away from reality
    and keep the key to my heart.
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    'How Far Away Is Heaven'

    How far away is heaven, and will you see me once you're there?
    Is it just beyond the clouds with a golden stair?
    Will you look the same or as an angel with wings?
    Would I recognize you if I heard an angel sing?

    How far away is heaven and why must you go so soon?
    Is it somewhere over a rainbow, or just beyond the moon?
    Will you remember me then when your spirit soars so high?
    Would you recognize me if you heard your angel cry?

    How far away is heaven?
    I guess I'll never know.
    I'm sure too far to touch you, when it's time for you to go.
    How far away is heaven?
    A million miles from me, and the little girl who loves you,
    And who calls you Daddy.

    Copyright: kg 2001 all rights reserved
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    The Truth
    The Truth is an animal that?s
    with teeth that rip and shred
    the empty night ---
    it grabs the heart
    and shakes the very life out of it.

    There?s no fighting the animal
    that is truth,
    it?s so much stronger than the lie.
  • View author's info posted on Feb 14, 2005 11:57

    Hello from Latvia! Nice to see so beautiful flowers in your hands! I writed poetry from youth and one poem i have writed about this beautifull flowers! I adore irises too and can send my poem as gift to u, nice lady, from all my heart, sorry writed in russian language. But i will try to translate it. Best regards from Riga! Gala
  • View author's info posted on Feb 05, 2005 22:34

    Doesn't EVERYONE write poetry??? I do a webpage about poetry, and sometimes feature my own stuff there. Usually, though, it's showcasing my favorites. My favorite poet is Mary Oliver. She ties man to nature as no one else ever could -- if you haven't read any of her works, you might want to take a look.
  • View author's info posted on Jan 31, 2005 14:03

    a wordsmith by profession
    words fire all our imagination
    a lost art no doubt
    only practised by those with clout
    perhaps there is still a glimmer of hope
    if men could learn the magic of wooing with words than just grope
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