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Asian woman white man relationships
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Posted on Mon, Sep 05, 2005 00:40

Well I am Asian, I married a British white colonial
The Madam Butterfly and white Prince Knight syndrome is the archetypal myth that represents the 'yin and yang' combination, the Powerful Western male symbol of masculinity and the submissive Feminine Oriental female .The female takes care of the domestic affairs and nurturing, loving with lots of TLC and respect for the male augurs well with the macho male.. the power of feminity often identified with the petite dimunitive Oriental female is far more pursuasive and effective than give in to that readily and willingly..
They make for very compatible match in that the opposite attracts and therefore such marriages often succeed very well.

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Posted on Sun, Sep 04, 2005 15:25

I think that asian women are very pretty and even be more loving than most many times I have seen mixed couples but i don't think of them as mixed but happy