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    The transition from earth life to spirit life is made as easy for us as possible. It is in this stage that we feel most the need to communicate that we have survived. Apparently not everyone feels like that, but most do. It is these of us who try to "come through" at meetings with mediums. However, such meetings are rare (if you think about the number of people alive on earth and the number of who attend a meeting with a medium, you will get the idea) and most of us adjust to the idea that communication may simply not be for us. However, somehow or another, we will find out if a medium has someone we know or love with them, and we can then try to take part in a communication. We are always aware that God is real and that he loves us. There is no compulsion on us to try to get closer to him, but the prevailing atmosphere and sense of purpose in the Spirit World is such that we are almost inevitably going to want to move to be closer. That means not just physically closer, but developmentally closer: we want to be better spirits, to become more like our father God. And, as we get closer down the aeons of eternity, the attraction he exerts over us increases the nearer we get to him until, at last, nothing else matters to us but to enter his near presence. However, that is in the very distant future aeons of eternity. For now, we simply feel the first stirrings. This is where we realise that there are things about the life we have left which were not as they ought to have been. We have hurt people, upset people. We have done wrong and we have enjoyed things which were bad for us and caused others harm. More simply put, in religious terminology, we have "sinned." We can all relate to that! In order for the movement towards God to begin, we have to recognise that, as he is perfection, so he can not have imperfection close to him. Spirits which exist in his near presence have been created by him and allowed to be as they wish - as God him...
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    Anyone may come to my Services in the United States, or anywhere else for that matter. Am doing a series of Services for Spiritualist Centres in Spain in April, which is always lovely.

    I have had religious freaks come in and try to stop a Service, but none of them have ever succeeded. I do not allow them to disrupt the work of God.
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    Spoils, you haven't got a clue!
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    Spoil, keep your profane and vulgar comments to yourself.

    You will be removed.

    Kindly leave the Spiritualismn forum You are neither interested nor interesting.
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    Spiritualism is a common sense religion, one of knowing and living. We accept all truths and endeavor to prove their validity. Truths are found in nature, in other religions, in writings, in science, in philosophy, in Divine Law and are received through spirit communication.

    Spiritualists believe that God or Infinite Intelligence is ALL That Is, expressing through all creation by love, light and law. Humanity, the most complex of life on earth, reaches this Divine Source through prayer, meditation, listening to the inner awareness, and service. Why service? Because every living thing is a part of God, so as we serve life we also serve the Higher Energies.

    Life is consciousness - without consciousness there is no existence. Consciousness is the totality of one's thoughts, feelings, emotions and impressions on the mind. The state of thinking is how we create our consciousness. Spiritualism teaches that through the Law of Action/Reaction or Cause/Effect we take control of our lives as we control our thoughts. Positive thinking leads to happiness and assists the individual to grow.

    Spiritualism encourages growth of loving consciousness in the physical world not only for the immediate benefits, but also the future rewards in the Spiritual Dimension. The Law of Continuity and the Law of Attraction teach us that "As within, so without. As above, so below." A soul arriving in the next plane of existence will find they take their consciousness with them and will be in the company of like-minded entities. The more loving and spiritual the soul has become, the more beautiful and rewarding will be the new home and associates in the spirit land.

    Life is continuous, the consciousness never dies for it is part of God and the Infinite is forever. Upon the cessation of the physical housing, the spirit graduates to the next plane of existence. This plane is similar to our earthly plane but at a higher rate of vibration and lumin...
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    Healing By Magnetised Articles

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    John Edwards has been in England doing a tour in some theatres with his Evening of Clairvoyance. The man is wonderful, spiritual, kind, empathic and sympathetic. I know John reasonably well and he is a lovely man. I understand that he has stopped his tv show to do other things now, which is a pity. The man is wonderful with his evidence of survival.

    These people have a genuine gift of being able to communicate with the spiritual world.

    Thanks to all of you who have emailed me requesting the details for the Spiritualist Churches Worldwide links and they have been sent. If anyone else wants this please do send me an email and I will forward it to you.
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    Spoil - this thread is about Spiritualism. YOU posted a message about Spiritualism being wrong.

    If you don't like the topic of conversation then go and post on other threads instead of this one
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    Spoil -

    Where Spiritualism is concerned I have no need to put my case forward. What you believe or disbelieve is your faith, not mine.

    the Bible is littered with examples of what we now term "Spiritualist" activity, which I am not really interested in, nor concerned with. I don't live my life to the Bible or to any other book of faith.

    Furthermore, Spoil, I do not care whether you want to know about Spiritualism or not. I have my pathway and you have yours.

    I started the thread on Spiritualism for people who have genuine interest in that religion and the evidence of survival that is given as part of that religion.

    I happen to be able to give that evidence of survival my religion requires. I teach the religion of Spiritualism and I give philosophy based on the teachings of Spiritualism.

    Spiritualism is more than a religion to me, it is not just a religion, it is a way of life, in service to others.

    That does not mean to say that I will sit back in silence whilst you, or anyone else, decides to tell me that I am wrong, evil, a witch, working with the devil, etc, etc.

    I pity the fact that you have closed your mind to modern thinking, to modern religions, to a modern way of life, choosing to live your life in a five thousand year old book whose roots are shrouded in mystery and fantasy.
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    For those interested I have a link that will provide you with lots of information regarding Spiritualism and Spiritualist Churches worldwide. Unfortunately, due to MM's rules on messages I cannot post it here.
    Please leave a message here and I will email the link to you.
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    Spoil I am beginning to think that you are what we English call a "windup merchant"!!

    A Medium speaks to the dead, or rather those who have left the physical body behind. Simple as that.
    I give Evidence of Survival.

    I will send you an email and let you know the dates that I am working the Churches in the US and you can come and be enlightened!!

    God knows you need it!!

    I keep telling you, the Devil does not exist!! Except in the minds of the frightened!!!
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    The Fatherhood of God

    The Brotherhood of Man

    The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

    The continuous existence of the human soul

    Personal responsibility

    Compensation and retribution hereafter for all
    the good and evil deeds done on earth

    Eternal progress open to every human soul
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    Thanks Saks!!

    Hello IB!

    There are a lot of Spiritualist Churches across the US and Canada. I do work for the US Churches myself.

    There is a list of those churches on a website, will find it for you and email it.

    Spoil, you have not got a clue about what you are speaking of.
    How one person can be so misguided and so blinkered is beyond me!

    Why are you so intent on living your life by Hell fire and Damnation? Do you really want to live in fear?
    It sounds to me as if you are paying penance for things you have done wrong in the past! God does not judge you. The priests of old created Satan, the Devil or whatever other name you wish to give to this fictional creature and he does not exist! Not in reality anyway.

    You still haven't shared with us the name of your wonderful religion? You smack of being a Baptist.

    When I go to the States I love to watch the God Channel on your TV, just to see how downright stupid some people can be to be fooled, misled and misguided into such a tragic, fearful and fearing way of life.

    God did not intend this life to be so. You are making that way all by yourself.

    You do not, nor will you frighten me.

    The spirit world have never frightened me and I have been speaking with them since young childhood.

    I am glad that I know the LIght and the Love of God. To know that this life is not the end, to know that I will go back home to the spirit world when the time is right for me.
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    Agiftfromheaven.....you are a great gal! I love your posts and I can't stand spoilurotten. He is a self-righteous pompous azz. He needs to go somewhere else.

    Thanks for putting him in his place!!
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 07, 2005 at 01:07 AM

    Spoil, the Bibile contradicts itself on ALL subjects throughout except for homosexuality!

    Why do you want to follow a book that does not know itself?
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 06, 2005 at 09:37 AM

    Just had a thought, Spoil - if you seriously believe that I work with witchcraft perhaps you had better be careful what you say to me otherwise I might put a spell on you!!

    You have lived a sheltered life if you don't know what a Medium is, or a Spiritualist for that matter. I do a lot of work in the US for your Spiritualist churches, who, incidentally, are all Christian Spiritualist Churches and absolve their sins through christ.

    See, something else you didn't know.

    The problem is that people like you criticise us Mediums and Spiritualists but none of you have the first clue about

    a. what we believe
    b. what we know to be true
    c. what we do
    d. what we are
    e. what we profess
    f. the tenets of our faith
    etc, etc, etc
    and that really makes me mad.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 06, 2005 at 01:59 AM

    Spoil - you seem to think that you are an "expert" on everything to do with religion!

    I am neither a witch nor a fortune teller and I wish you would cease from classifying me as such.

    I can and I do speak to the people of this world whom have left their physical body to reside in the spiritual realm.

    I have been able to converse with the spirit world since as far back as I can remember.

    We are all spirit within the body, even you spoil, and as such we are all part of God, of the collective Divine consciousness, as was/is Christ.

    We all go to the same spiritual realm when the physical death of the body occurs, whatever religion you profess is neither here nor there.
    The mind is housed within the spiritual body and therefore we keep our personality, we keep our mind.

    There are many pathways to God, Spoil.

    Just remember that the Bible contradicts itself on many, many subjects, save one, which I wiil leave to you to work out for yourself.

    I have a Gift, a Gift which was given to me by God. I work in the Light, I work with God. I work to help others in Service of God, not to make money. If you read my profile you will see that I have not one, but two Ph.D's to my name. I am neither stupid nor an idiot.

    Open your mind to the greater power of Spirituality, your own Spirituality, Spoil. Your world currently seems to be based on fear and demonics.

    Methinks you have been watching too many of the modern movies that portray us Mediums in a very bad light.

    In the 20 years that I have actively worked with my Mediumship I can honestly say that I have never once encountered anything that could be termed either "evil" or "from the dark side"

    If you want to frighten yourself all the way through your life then that is your prerogative.

    Wake up and smell the most beautiful roses sent to us by the spirit realms, the realm that IS Father God.
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    Interesting theory!

    Demons, devils, etc, do not exist.

    Perhaps someone should tell the present Pope that having a Sitting with a Medium is forbidden? He has Sittings regularly, as did the previous two Popes.

    The Pope took the ban off Mediums and Mediumship back in 1996 and therefore Mediumship and Spiritualism as a religion has become very popular in both Italy and Spain since that time.

    Spiritualism and witchcraft are two entirely different things.

    I am a working Spiritualist Medium myself so I do know what I am speaking about!!

    It is quite clear, in the passage in Corinthians, that :

    Spiritual Healing
    Speaking in tongues
    Aiding others with the gift of second sight

    Is perfectly acceptable

    Just remember that both the Old and the New Testament of the Bible are littered with examples of Spiritualist activity. What about the Prophets, etc?

    Jesus himself was the greatest Medium and Healer ever to walk the earth.

    So, if you say that Spiritualism is the work of the Devil you are also placing Christ himself into the same category!
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 31, 2005 at 08:10 AM

    That is NOT true spoiled!!!

    Go to 1st Corinthians Chapter 12 Verse 1-12 where Jesus explains the gift of the spirit!

    The Old Testament is against it, but not the new!
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