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    A Spiritualist is someone who follows the relgion of Spiritualism

    A Spiritualist believes in life after death. A Spiritualist knows that communication can be made between a Medium on this earth and the spirit world.

    Just to clarify
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    Ed, to my knowledge, Hitler was not working with the spirit world, he did not have mediumstic communication from them. Neither did he believe in life after death. Also, he has never returned to give his own evidence of survival.

    I am not trying to validate anything here.
    I have no need to prove anything to you or to anyone else here.
    I am a working Medium. I am not a fortune teller, or a witch, nor do I work with the devil. I communicate with the spirit world in order to give evidence of survival. No more, no less.

    I was simply pointing out the people we KNOW for certain who worked hand in hand with our spirit friends in order to make the world a better place.
    That includes everything from tv to electric light, to light bulbs, to x-rays, to office equipment, to social and economic reform, to medical breakthrough, etc, etc. That is FACT, not fiction. We have documentary evidence and biographies of the people concerned that they DID work with spirit.
    That speaks for itself.
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    The spirit world are fully aware of our earthly physical existence. They can see us as clearly as we can see them.

    We are simply on a different level of vibration.

    Radio waves are in the air constantly and we cannot see them

    The spirit vibrations are there constantly - some of us can see them, some of us cannot.

    We are all spirit within the body and therefore we all have the ability to a greater or lesser degree.

    We keep our personality, we keep our mind, the essential "I" that is us. We have merely shed the physical body that is no longer any use.

    We spend an eternity in the spirit world - the earthly life is merely a temporary sojourn.

    I have no fears of going back home whatsoever.
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    Hello Ed!

    Spirit communication is totally normal!! We are all spirit within the body. The spirit communicator has simply lost the physical body, has transmuted to another plane of existence.

    The spirit world will make contact because of the love connection between them and the relatives/friends left behind.
    They want us to know that they are alright. They want to help us if we are having problems.

    Regarding the door issue. Yes, of course they can tell me who is at the other side of the door, who is on the phone, etc. but what is the point of that? I wouldn't ask for things like that.

    If I have lost something, like ultra important paperwork, I can and I have asked them where I have put it and I have been told!!

    Hope this answers your questions!
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    DEVILS GIFT, you are a trip. Now, you say that microwaves contacts spirits. Funny.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Hello Ed,

    If someone is at the door whom is a stranger to me, I would know the height, build, sex, hair colour, whatever but not the name!

    It just comes to me, without any effort at all.

    I began a new class last year - teaching development - all new students. One student was late and I had made the comment "oh she has punctured a tyre". She had! Whilst I did not do this deliberately, the students were really impressed!

    E.S.P is a very exciting process. The Amercian Government still do a lot of work with remote viewing, you know. As do the Russians and the Chinese Governments.
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    The guides from the higher spheres??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    In no particular order! Have to do them individually since there is so much information.


    Tesla Coil
    Satellite Systems
    The little black box etc
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    The Guides from the higher spheres will willingly answer questions about the universe, the earth, the passage of mankind on the earth.

    They will not and do not give out lottery numbers, etc!! Any self-respecting Medium would never ask such questions.

    Regarding asking whom is at the other side of the door - that is a psychic gift not a mediumistic!! I usually know whom is on the phone, at the door, whom I am going to meet on a given day, or whatever!

    The gift changes and increases, develops and becomes more acute over the years.

    They are quite wonderful to work with!
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    Morning Ed!

    First of all, I have been clairvoyant since as far back as I can remember, certainly back to being two or three years of age.

    We all, and I mean all of us, have spirit Guides around us all of the time, in order to help us along our pathway in our earthly life. Those Guides have our own best interests at heart and are there to help at all times. However, they are not permitted to interfere with our life, or to dictate to us in any way - we do still have free will.

    The spirit world will make contact with a Medium as and when they wish. We cannot and do not "call up the dead". They come if they want to.

    I have access to the spirit world 24/7 whenever I wish to do so.

    I have two professions aswell as working as a Medium. Yes I charge for my private Sittings. I do very few of those, by choice. My Church Services I do free; they pay my travelling expenses, that is all. I am paid to teach my classes by the Education Authority.
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    Spoil, then close your eyes and don't look my pic, lol. Simple solution.
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    Everything we work with in our daily lives was created by people whom I shall call Spiritualists whom we know had communication with the spirit world.

    Will write the whole list later on.
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    I guess i wouldnt fear God either if i believed like you, that there is no punishment. Most would say to heck with God and brake into your home, sexually assult you and murder you if there wasnt a price to pay for doing so.How do you reconcile that you say that, you believe in the New Testament that has many references to hell, demons, satan and then, turn around and make such a statement that there is no hell? Based on what? Some man that thinks he is able to out think God?
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    AGFH, the only thing I fear is getting a migraine from reading just one more of Spoil's posts.
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    Some of the men's ads amuse me - they ask for a "god-fearing woman".

    I do not fear God. Spiritualism teaches that God is not to be feared, God is a loving and forgiving God.

    Apart from that I have never felt that God needed to be feared in any way.

    What do you girls think?
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    Jesus was a medium huh? I dont seem to recall where that scripture is - help me out, can you give us book, chapter and verse(s) on that one?
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    Whatever you wish to believe is fine with me. I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I am not here to convert anyone to anything. Believe whatever you wish, that is your personal responsibility to yourself.

    Jesus himself was a Medium. Are you saying that JC worked with the Devil too?
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