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    From other ladies on here i can say that quite alot of people view our profiles but dont do any thing about it.To some people that can be saying a statement and from i have seen the women on here are gorgous and so forth.So in saying that i want to say to all the women dont take it personally and one day the true man will arrive.And also web sites such as this is not the bee all and end all.Maybe join a club of some sort that takes your interest etc.I just wanted to lift some moral here as this is some thing that women take personally.I know that most women are strong character and can handle this but for some it can be "whats wrong with me i have been here for months with no contact"i hope that this helps some people and i mean the best intention so please dont misunderstand me to the rest of you.I just hope that some women on here get what they are looking for.I am just looking for meeting new people and possibly some good friends at best.But the real world is out there so get it i say....
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    Welcome Adela, glad to see your post. If you want to make friends on here just chime in on some of the other post. There really are some good people on the forums that will make you feel right at home.

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    You are absolutely right! I haven't read a post that was so dead on before this one.
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