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    i'm a feminist boy! chic look and very original! from europe. if you are interesting on me, you just ask "hot" questions... i joke! bye to every nice girl here! james, 27, switzerland.
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    Moblog: phony
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    HI Sheen47 & Greeneyezsmiling...looks like we could start a widow's club here on this site..I lost my husband to cancer two years ago...
    I think learning to live alone again is always a challenge..at least it hits us when we are still fit and healthy to manage on our own.
    Look at the bright side, at least we know we don't have to play nursemaid anymore, we are liberated in many ways to do the things that we have put on hold...
    we are different from divorcees in that we have all had good marriages and knew true love...and need not be in a hurry to find replacement spouses..we have good memories of happy times..
    we may be intimidating to men since our spouses have left high benchmarks to meet ..so our expectations are high...
    there is nobility in widowhood..and there is peace in our solitude..
    we know how to give and find that true love again...and hopefully men out there would know how to appreciate us..we come with years of relevant life enriching experience...it would be their loss not to know us as friends and lovers...
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    Hello Sheen47
    I am widowed also. It will be 2 years this coming February. It does get better and life goes on. Please feel free to e-mail me. I am always looking for new friends.
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    I would enjoy talking to other like minded men who has lost a spouse to death. Please take time to read my profile
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