Why people are so prejudiced about Russian girls? Long Distance Relationship Forward to friends

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    1) When it comes to Russian girls, men might think they are scammers, they want to get away from where they originate, they only need an easy and financially stable life somewhere abroad, and on and on… Stereotype ideas! Not everyone is alike. I’m not Russian, but I speak Russian, and I’m quite close to their culture and traditions. In fact I’m Uzbek, and among us there are lots of nice girls and not really nice ones…

    2)How about other nationals? Koreans or Chinese girls for instance? When I studied and worked in those countries, I have seen too many couples: Korean girl (very young and pretty enough) with an old, bald, chubby (better to use fat) and simply father-like man. Age difference was often around 40 years. The same case refers to Chinese cute girls. What do you think about that? I have talked to some of them, as the question “what do they actually think about when they marry those old guys” (no offence here, please! I’m not disrespecting neither your age, nor look or anything else, I just want to make this issue clear for myself), and most of them said: – they wanted a better life with the money men had in their pockets… and there was nothing close to “love, attraction, sympathy…”. And there was one story behind the scenes. A young Korean woman got married with an old man, believing it would change her life… well it definitely did, she went to the States, and within few months came back to Korea completely devastated, as her man was a way far from being the one he told about himself. And you know what happened to that girl when she got back, she was simply disregarded within her society (she became a janitor in the company I used to work at).

    3) I pretty much understand if a girl just wants to meet someone alike, and you? No matter where does he come from? The most important is your background (education, behavior, views be it political, social, moral, religious and etc.; how well you were brought up, what’s your life visions and desires) and not really the exact place in the world. So what’s wrong with Russian girls’ desire to make life better and happier by being next to the loved one (at least liked one), even if he’s from another Planet. We all live in the small world and if you believe there is no distance for love, then really mean it. Why don’t give a chance to her? If you’re really afraid of losing couple of thousands, there are tons of ways to meet, to get to know each other and finally to get closer. Just don’t be narrow-minded, coward and even boring, don’t take life seriously, make it a complete adventure, anyway you won’t get to heaven alive….

    4) Another question is: if you’re a great well-educated white man, would you be able to fall in love with a great girl (yet poor and not really educated) from some countryside in Africa (let’s say from Tanzania, Sudan)? Not the one who is already American… Wouldn’t you want her to come with you wherever you go, and show her your own “world”, so in return she would get you in her "world", which could be a way exciting and more interesting?

    More questions to come…

    p.s. Anyway, I’m for happy marriages build on mutual trust, respect, love, support, understanding and all those good wordings that come with marriage!

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