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    I'm another who had a cheating husband. We divorced, but he promised to be faithful, and we remarried. The problem was that I just couldn't trust him anymore. If he went someone without me and came home very late, I always wondered who he was with and what they were doing. Like to drove me out of my mind, and that's a big part of why we're not together now. It's a hard pill to swallow to know your husband is sleeping with someone else then coming home and making love with you, or to have someone come up to you and tell you they saw your husband with another woman. Talk about losing faith in yourself and wondering why he is messin with someone else when you are more than happy to take care of ALL his needs and wants. Always been a mystery to me!!!
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    Calm down girls!....
    I mean...really...everyone has their own opinion about this topic...which is good!
    I for one, as I said before, was one of those wives with 3 kids at home while he was running/travelling around with other women.
    But to tell you the truth, I cannot judge Cindi x for her statement and way of thinking about married she's still young!
    Men are always there, looking for someone else.....they're always going to find one...and it's TRUE...they always seem to be 'funnier....hornier...." than younger single guys...haha...My Goodness...that sounded horrible....haha...but it's true...
    All I'm saying is that.....the NATURE of men is to be unfaithful......They cannot relate to Monogamy very well....It's just something IN them that makes them crave other women.
    I also know that there are always exceptions...
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    Kudos 1hotmama! Nothing I would love more than to screw Cindy X's future husband to prove you right and give her a taste of her own medicine. Of course we all know she's the kind to marry the cash, not the man, so it would be a complete waste of my time...
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    Well Cindy X, you are the exact type of woman that make the rest of us cringe. As a former wife with an unfaithful partner and 4 kids in the house....I can tell you that it's best to stay away from married men. Regardless of the sad story they give you....i.e. my wife is frigid, she doesn't take care of my needs, we hardly ever talk, she doesn't love me...they are all excuses that he has fabricated in his mind to make himself feel less guilty about betraying his wife and to make you feel more willing to sleep with him. Instead at home is the woman he pledged his undying love to, married, who more than likely has bore his children and the same woman he is going home to snuggle and love after being with you! Don't kid yourself that they love will always choose their family over a lover. It's a proven fact. Where men make their mistake is betraying the wrong woman that will throw them out on their ass! ;-) Then the begging & a** kissing starts.....but I digress and that's another post!

    Besides, your mother should have taught you not to mess with married men. Someday may you meet Mr. Right, pledge your love in marriage, squeeze out some beautiful children and think your life is great....then may some woman come along to challenge that! I wish you luck

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    You know the good ones really are all taken. Married men just seem so much more secure. They can also keep a secret. They tend to be funnier, and hornier, and happier than the single guys I know. They know how to be loved.

    The single guys have checklists (when they are sober). They are looking for someone who meets their selection criteria. When drinking they have no discreation what so ever will say anything to get some..

    Just my opiion
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    Ok...Let's see if I can get it right this time...
    You know...I'm kind of pleasantly surprised that there are married men who are AT LEAST honest in saying so, and WHAT they're looking for in here.
    To me, that's refreshing. Although from what I've read in some of the comments made, some women get really annoyed by them (married men).
    Why? Why make judgements? I mean...who are we to judge someone or a situation we don't know anything about?
    And you would probably respond to this ...'well ok...yeah...but...what about those poor wives?'...
    The truth is that we have NO idea of what's going on in a relationship...
    Anyway...this comes from a once 'poor wife'.
    Just wanted to know what you all thought about this topic.
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