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    Anesthesiologist Stewart Hammeroff discovered when microtubules were anesthetized, all brain and neural activity including neural growth, cell division, biochemistry and consciousness stopped. Every cell in our body is made up of microtubules. Anesthetize the brain and there is consciousness. Anesthetize microtubules and there is no more consciousness.

    I agree we are particles... of a Soul, with access to limitless possibilities until we have a thought. I also agree there are immutable Universal Laws that apply to all, whether we accept this or not. We are creative beings and our every belief, thought, word, feeling and action is energy with power to cause. Where our attention goes, energy flows. We came to Earth school to experience and grow the human heart. Einstein told us problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them. In my view, this means we can solve every problem in our personal lives and globally, when we look at life another way through "One" loving global heart, instead of a fragmented fear based global mind. Over to you.
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    Stewart Hammeroff is from the University of Arizona as well as David Chalmers. Dr. Chalmers has brought back the hard question of consciousness. How does consciousness arise in the combination of compound things? His answer is that it can't unless consciousness is a base element of those compound materials. It very well could be that consciousness is the foundation of the Universe.
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    Why was solar activity unprecedented in 2005 compared to any other time in recorded history? Because humans are a living system within a larger living system, in which we are dependent. We are now witnessing and experiencing the interconnectedness of all life. The sun, extreme weather and other signals are messages to stop hindering Earth, a fully conscious Divine Creation with the power of the Cosmos behind Her.

    Consciousness is where the heart resides. Every individual is conscious love light, without exception. Turn on a light in a dark room and light fills the room. Similarly, it is time for us to shine our conscious love light and stop attacking one another and ourselves allowing Earth to regenerate and heal.

    When enough of us consciously respond in love, we raise the vibration of Soul, Earth and all creation and collapse the low vibration of war, pollution, lack, limitation, starvation and disease because they cannot co-exist in the presence of high vibration conscious love light.

    We are creative beings on the edge of creation and accountable for every loveless choice. It is time to restore balance through love, which means LOVING IT ALL including our low [dark] creations without judgment, criticism or blame!


    A 21st century form of prayer is to picture what we want in our mind while FEELING the bliss of it already being accomplished. Picture people holding hands in peace and harmony around the world and feel their intense love. Hold this or your own version and feel the bliss as often as possible. Picture soldiers laying down their weapons and feel their love as they embrace in peace and harmony. Picture and feel joy within, as harm collapses and dissolves in the hearts of all humanity.

    Regardless of what is happening, try to remain calm and cool amidst the chaos, because individual consciousness is plugged into thought bands that circle the planet. What we put out will return.

    Love is a simple word and the greatest power in the Cosmos. Love and respect our Earth Mother and all life. We are One and love soothes the low vibration of extreme weather and air currents.

    Love focused with feeling en masse, has the power to correct problems facing us now. We are all RESPONSE ABLE!

    In this New Year, be the change you wish to see in the world ... Gandhi
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    I am just joining this site, and I am glad that somebody opened a forum related to New Age phylosophy. If you come to Arizona next year, or the following I would recommend you to go to the conference "Celebrate your life". It takes place in November. I just went there (for the 3rd time), and I still enjoyed it. Mr. Zukav and Dr. Wayne Dyers were among some of the speakers, as well as Dr. Chopra. Reiki to you ladies. Bye.
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    I agree that we can not solve a problem on the same conscious level that the problem was created. It seems to take much more figuring to rectify a situation than it did to create the problem in the first place but in order to fix global problems then either the whole population of the earth must be aligned with the same purpose or an extremely powerful force must intervene. It is possibly that we are a part of something greater but most people have abandoned the reality that there is hope to return us back to whence we came. 'Earth School' as you have put it teaches us to grow either a heart of life and love or a heart devoid of light. This life that we live is filled with choice. Unfortunately not every one chooses the light.
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