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    you do what you do and then you want to whine about it be for real ladies. you know the consequences of the cheating game and if you do not want to face them then do not do it. but like most all we do as women is say what is wrong with the man we love and then wonder why everything goes crazy in our life. not talking about the abuser or the bullies but the men that do try and we get bored and want to sample something exciting just to fine out that it was good at home. so stop the complaining, talk the your love one and if you can fix do if not you know that you have giving it your best. and for heaven sake stop tearing down other women for doing what you think about doing in the first place.
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    Be very cautious of a predator that is a 6'9 black man that lives in Destin/Crestview, Florida... His intentions are not genuine: MASTER MANIPULATOR, NARCISSISTIC, CONTROLLING EGOCENTRIC WOMANIZER!!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 07, 2011 at 09:12 PM

    Hey CG! Where ya been hidin!! :)

    U know.. the hard part is WHEN something DOES happen to us, to focus on our own issues vesus the vile act bestowed upon us.. THIS IS NOT AN EASY FEAT!! Just yesterday I had repercussion of someone else's vile act. I am now forced to eat my own words.. Is it easily done... ABSOLUTLEY NOT! Do I wish ill things happen to this person who harmed me? Well... I'm not saying I'd like to throw them under the bus.. but I wanna be the one driving!! LOLOL HEY!! I'm only human!!

    Someone created harm and havoc in a budding new relationship of mine and now... me and my Prince are no  longer speaking due to someone else's ill will.. It truly is neither of our fault.. BUT, when relationships are not firmly rooted in ground yet.. it doesn't take a lot to say.. "Hey.. isn't worth it." I am w/ broken heart tonight. Let's say "Hoping" had high hopes.. ony to have them yanked from under me!! It has been a tear filled day for sure...

    Do I "get" wanting to make someone else suffer for harm committed to us? OF COURSE I DO... But "wanting" and "doing" are two seperate things in my book... I'm just going to watch from afar.. because I am a firm believer.. What goes up... must eventually come back down... " AND THEN I CAN STOMP ON UM!!! Bwahahahaha!!

    DISCLAIMER: The words expressed are from Hoping4love's "evil twin sister" and in no way reflect Hopings desires. However, please note: Hoping is on the sideline laughing her ass off right now as she has had a day filled with tears and a little laughter is always better to dry your eyes with than a heart filled with venom! :)

  • View author's info Posted on Jul 03, 2011 at 03:41 PM

    Hmmm.. Now I am not "for" cheating... but then.... I am not "for" watching heavily over weight people scarf down a double cheese burger, fries and a large shake at McDonalds while I eat an apple and sip on unsweetened tea... Does cheating destroy lives? ABSOLUTELY! But so might seeking revenge on others. It is not an "admirable" trait in a person. If we all "lashed out" at one anothers behaviors... well.. I guess we'd start WWIII and would never truly enjoy "LIVING LIFE!" Perhaps the wife of a "cheater" might find it "worse" if her husband didn't bring home paychecks that paid their sick childs medical bills, or sent the family on vacations twice a year. Perhaps the wife has cheated because her husband ignored her physical and/or emotional needs and she reached out to him time and again only to be ignored? MY POINT? WE NEVER KNOW WHAT FUELS OTHERS BEAHVIORS. Perhaps it would serve us better to look more toward what fuels ours.


    I can honestly state I have been on boh ends of this stick and BOTH ends hurt! However, I truly believe in my heart BEFORE people start trying to get others in trouble for their dysfunctional  behavior.. it may be mre beneficial in the long run to take a look at what WE are doing to attract these type people in the first place and ADDRESS OUR OWN ISSUES!! In 44 years I have NEVER met one person so righteous they should be throwing stones at others. WE have ALL hurt people and have been hurt ourselves... Maybe somebody doesn't "cheat" yet they are the biggest sore in the family due to their excessive gossipping.


    VENGENCE is NOT a POSITIVE in someone's personality. It shows lack of maturity, an unwillingness to FORGIVE, and a deeply rooted stem of ANGER only the person seeking revenge is in control of.. ANGER can be a very nasty emotion when used in the wrong manner. I'll tell anyone this.... If someone ELSE's actions ever affect me that greatly .. I pity everyone I surround.. Because a person filed with vile vindictiveness (for me) is the worst kind of person of all..


    They say.. "The sweetest revenge is living well!" I say.. go out and LIVE WELL!! Release the bitterness and MOVE ON... UNFORGIVENESS IS ONLY A NOOSE WE KEEP AROUND OUR OWN NECK!

  • View author's info Posted on Apr 04, 2011 at 02:33 PM

    I really dislike cheaters.... especially married men who cheat.  That is the lowest form of life, because they hurt so many people in the process--their family, their spouse, their kids, the other person, and the list goes on. 

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