Spotting a player: Catching and releasing.... Romance Forward to friends

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    Ladies and Gentleman,

    What do you think the true signs of a player are, both men and women? How do you know you "caught" a player in the act and know when to "release" the creature?

    All helpful hints please.
    Thanks, Whitedogred, Female, Florida
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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 03, 2005 at 12:56 AM

    I had to post for this, I seem to spot them a mile away from a few lil simple tests right from the first contact , have done this from the start and my system has never failed, I laugh when I see woman defending this 1 man on here , he has them all fooled but you see I have data they do not...woman seem to think just because someone post alot of bs that sounds good or has a few chats and gets sweet talked that they are sweet and real to tell you WORDS are WORDS you can tell and say them whenever to whoever HELLO! thats not telling or proving anything it takes more than a few chats with someone to know if you have not met or put in the time with someone YOU DON'T KNOW IF THEY ARE "REAL" only time or a few simple steps will tell you. it works for me everytime. GOOD LUCK
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