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Is sending someone nude pictures a bad idea?
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Posted on Sun, Mar 03, 2013 08:07

Quoting Jenkneee:

I think the original post is missing, if you're coming in late it's a little confusing. If I remember right, Dagneytaggert is the one who asked. Now for my comment.

Well duh!! Of course it is a bad idea! I am sick of the women who come on here and ask a question just for attention. Dagney obviously could care less what any female posters would say, she is going to do whatever she wants regardless of anyone's opinions.  She used the forum to post a half naked picture of herself, free advertising ,ay?

If I were to post what I am really thinking, the OP really wouldn't like it. It's not good, I will leave it at that. I do wish this site would NOT post tacky photos, tacky is the least of the negative words that come to mind.


Thanks for clearing the air!! I was wondering WHY that guy did not get back to anyone! LOL.. 

Uh-- Duh... NOT HIS POST!! 

So DAGNY-- What DID happen to the original post? WAS IT YOURS? And WHY did you delete it?
Or did the forum delete it B/C you had a nude photo? 

I missed it! I don't normally hang in the "forum" section here.. 

My apologies to everyone for the confusion on my part... 

And yes JEN-- You are correct in your assessment.. 

As I said before---
"Class" doesn't come with age.. 
Some possess it, some don't!

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Posted on Thu, Feb 28, 2013 11:31

Quoting DagnyTaggart2:

That depend on the quality of the photograph as well as the gender of the recipient. Females don't find full frontal male nudity to be alluring, more of a gross display. The peacock should keep on some feathers to maintain an aura of mystery.
In Europe topless beaches are the norm, so breasts are not as considered to be risque. I don't know if this site will display this photo of me, it isn't meant to be erotic. Just a self portrait. No photoshop, no gimmicks, just the truth.

BTW, I am 57 in that pic, turned 58 a month ago.

HI DAGNY--- WELCOME to the forums...

I feel you may have misread the question? The author is speaking of sending someone YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW WELL... NUDE PHOTOS.... IE: A man writes you today and you start exchanging emails and a week later you are sending nude photots to a man you've never met. I don't care what country one is from, that is just trashy. A nude beach is just that, a nude beach. Sending nude photos to strangers online is entirely different. This isn't a "nude dating site!" LOL... Hey, perhaps I need to embark on a new business venture? 

Now in a committed relationship, I have no limits... But we are speaking about near strangers... 

Nude photos... Regardless of "quality" of photo... 

Well, it has to do more with the "QUALITY of the SENDER"... 

A "Classy Woman" does not go around sending nude photos of herself to men who don't feel she is worthy of a commitment... PERIOD!  AND MEN SHE HAS NEVER EVEN MET!!! It has to do with "Self-Worth and Value" ..... which as far as Emotional IQ, has NOTHING to do with how good a woman looks at 45, 55 or even 65... A man in love doesn't care how "pretty" another woman is. He'll ignore a pretty woman with a nice body every day of the week if he is devoted to the woman he is seeing. 

Some men and women just lack class, and regardless of age and experience, never seem to "get it right." I thought that was more what the author referred to, as I have heard tons of stories of women sending men they've never met very revealing photos. The man laughs, enjoys his "freebies" and never takes her out. 

Why go through the trouble of milking the cow if she gives it away for free? 

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Posted on Fri, Feb 22, 2013 08:08

Thank heavens for the "blocking" feature on this site.  It is amazing how many men (and women) want to send either naked or "body parts" photos without knowing you.   They have no morals and are only looking for sex.  I block them immediately!!

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Posted on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 02:56

I only reference the "50" in a poor light.. It is nonsense reading, with repetitive words like MURMUR and WHISPER and INNER GODDESS in it about a MILLION times over! It was horrible! Worst read ever in my life!!! Dick and Jane and Spot were better reads in first grade! LOL... My friend challenged me to at least "listen" to the 2nd book on tape since he had it... (I barely read the first book, I was so UN enthused!!) I think he is amused by my poking fun of it and likes to see me suffer!! So I am stomaching through that now, little by little... I get a nice dinner date when I am finished! Probably will be sometime in 2015!! ;)
My assessment? Women who "like" the book are hard up for affection.... AND A BRAIN!! They apparently are not educated enough to understand you don't use the same word 50 times in a paragraph! LOLOL.. But a really FUNNY take on the series? Google "Fifty Shades of Grey reviews and find a girl named Katrina. OMG! She sums it up for sure!! Then read her review on 50 shades darker.. and then the 3rd 50 shades free!! HILARIOUS!! 
Hope you are enjoying your time here on MM!! And I agree... Some things should be earned... and not to mention... left to the imagination... at least for a little while!

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Posted on Sun, Feb 17, 2013 19:09

I feel like I should probably read Fifty Shades, given how much I hear women reference it.
And personally, I'd be turned off by someone that sent me pictures like that right away. The only things worth having are those that you have to earn. But that's just me, to each their own. :)

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Posted on Sat, Feb 16, 2013 19:02

I can only surmise these individuals are the same ones who felt "Fifty Shades" was romantic good reading!!
I personally could not get past all the MURMURING and WHISPERS ...
My "INNER GODDESS" just felt like puking as each page turned!!! LOLOL... 
Best wishes in your search!   ;)
BEWARE of the women who will send you tacky photos without knowing you! They ARE out there! I've heard lots of stories!! If they send them to you, they send them to everyone! 

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