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    This is in response to comments made about women AND men who don't believe spanking their kids. We're called 'emotional.' Our emotions come with good intentions. It's out of our love to teach our children something other than violence. Violence begets violence. The following examples are probably due to parents who were abused as children and/or they are just sick individuals. You don't know the first thing about an emotional mother or father till you listen to or read the news everyday about the atrocities that are inflicted upon innocent children by their own parents.

    Examples: Here in Texas within the past 3 months I've read stories about 3 children beaten, mutilated, and abused by their own parents.
    1) An 11 mo. old had both her arms cut off by her mom. Mom claims it was a sacrifice for God. She called 911 and sat till they arrived, allowing her baby to bleed to death.
    2) A 6 month old was beaten so badly by her mom and possibly the dad was involved too, that she had broken bones from head to toe, had her tongue 'split' down the middle(possibly by a knife), and she had been sexually abused as well. The last I read she was still hanging on.
    3) A 2 yr old was beaten with a baseball bat in the head by her 19 yr old mom. One hit to the base of her skull was likened to her having fallen from a 3 storied building.

    I'm PROUD to be an emotional mom who LOVES her daughter and doesn't consider her a brat. She will never end up on front page news as murdered by me. Let's stop calling moms/dads emotional, when they have their kid's best interests at heart.
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    Right on Steel! Yes redirecting a toddler works alot better than a smack or spanking. I know with my sons, then granddaughter, have established, Mom's toys are a no no, and other things which are ok to play with. After a time didn't have to put breakables up, or my things away......just left my things alone. What was taught was respect for others property, and boundaries.

    No one mentioned Solomon or laws of Moses.....and anyone using them in this age and times would be arrested! Stoning a kid, not on my watch! I'd kick your butt! Really Spoils move on!
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 23, 2005 at 06:40 AM

    Thank you IB
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 23, 2005 at 06:38 AM

    I never once mentioned Solomon, so how could I claim I am smarter than he was? You are putting words in my mouth. You mention a daughter who was once in a coma, but whom survived(although your profile states you have no children, hmm) Did you whip her bu** when she was 12 months old and toddling around, touching/grabbing objects at her height, as she was just learning about everything new to her? Or did you try to redirect her attention to another object, like one of her toys, that was safer for her to play with? There are positive ways to raise children, and negative ways to raise them. If you whip her 12 mo. old bu**, what did you just teach her? It teaches her nothing about WHY she shouldn't touch your things. All she knows is Daddy just hurt her and she doesn't understand why.
    People have come so used to just the negative way of teaching/disciplining kids by doing the easiest and most convenient thing...spanking. Kinda like a marriage: A Man/woman would rather go out and cheat instead of sit down and discuss/work out the problems within the marriage. Cheating is the easy way out. Communication is hard work, and you have to use your brain.
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    Bravo Steel ! I agree 100%.
    I don't know how many times I've cried for these poor babies that these things have happened to.
    Some justify with religion others are on drugs and others are just plain nuts!
    Like the women who drown all 5 kids. Needed meds for depression and they tried healing with prayer instead, yea that worked!
    As you said, I'd rather take care of my sons with emotions especially love than beat their butts every time they step out of line! It's called testing boundaries, and they all do it at various ages. The thing is to know that and not over react.
    Way to go Steel!
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