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    In my clinic I deal with the aftermath of children being abused (spanked) by their Father's. A child should not be punished in this way, it is outright abuse of the rights of a human being.

    What are you going to do next, Spoil, stone a woman because the bible says you can if she disagrees with you! Yeah sure.

    I have never heard such nonsense from a supposed grown man of your advanced years.
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    The great debate; to spank or not to spank. Every child is different. What works for one, doesn't always work for another one. Some children are more difficult than others to keep in line and deal with. I can see that Spoils was probably one of those children. I was raised the old way that spanking was the only discipline method there was. It's passed down from generation to generation. We live what we're taught. So when I first heard about 'no spanking' and that spanking was abuse, I laughed. But you know what? When it comes to my daughter, the thing that really upsets her the most is when I put her in time out. Spanking doesn't do a thing, except make her become aggressive(worse tantrum, kicking, etc.) Time out turns her back into the sweet little girl I know and love. After time out, she comes and hugs me and tells me, "I love you mama."

    Sometimes you have to consider WHY children act out in the first place, other than the obvious fact that they're kids. Kids act out for a lot of reasons. Sometimes kids are ignored at home, so they act out to get attention. Sometimes the parents have a crappy marriage, and the child sees and hears fighting in the household, and kids have a way of acting out because of their frustration and insecurities from the parents problems.
    Sometimes, just changing the atmosphere at home can make a difference in a child's behavior. Spanking won't fix it. Sitting them down and communicating with them about what is bothering them, is a sure remedy.

    Spoil, I wonder what would ever make a woman want to hit you in the first place?(I just can't imagine lol) In my book, it would have to be over something pretty serious. Say for instance, you believe in spanking kids and even hitting women. It's obvious from your posts that you have an aggressive nature, especially that mouth of yours. It won't stop. (just a scenerio) If it were me, I'd hit you if I were defending myself against you. But if you weren't being violently aggressi...
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    Spanking and hitting are both forms of physical force. One may be softer than the other but they both tech violence.
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    We teach children what we want them to learn by our own actions. Do we want to teach kids to grow up to hit, spank, and be violent? Our society is already filled with so much violence it is sad. I have three children. Although it may have been tempting to spank them when "I" lost my temper, I never spanked them. A baby starts hitting when he/she doesn't get their way. It is a natural reaction to want to do so. I have been teaching for 16 years. The inner city children I teach get spankings way too much. Consequently, when another kid bothers them, they smack them without even thinking. It is a vicious circle. If one knows how to handle children based on psychology or common sense, spanking does not need to occur.
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    Spoil - you are SOOOOOOO good looking yourself that you put a picture on your ad!!!

    What a loser. Go find yourself a life
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    Spoil - either you stop your abuse or you will be removed from MM altogether.
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    Cindy, spanking and "hitting" are two total different things and i sure can tell which kids are spanked and which are not - the same with adults - yours shows. So, you think you are smarter than God about raising kids huh? Again, as usual, you are wrong - never have,never will hit a woman unless she hits me first THEN, she has put herself in a mans place and will get it back. Darned if i will be someones punching bag and subject to any persons physical abuse.
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    Children should not be spanked in any way, no matter whether you want to call it abuse or not.

    Particularly an adult male smacking a child, anywhere on the body, is abuse, whatever piece of the bible you wish to quote to salve your conscience in having done it.

    Congratulations on abusing your children, I hope you are proud of yourself.
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    A man who hits kids will hit women too.

    People who hit people smaller than they are belong in jail ... not therapy.
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    So Spoil, you are either divorced or a hypocrite, both by the sounds of it. Considering your posts on this forum I think you need psychiatric treatment since you obviously cannot separate fantasy from reality, which is a recognised psychosis.
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