Can a good guy finish first? Long Term Relationship

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    I sit and I read and I even got to experience a scam. But can I finish first? There are some extremely magnificent woman on this site and there are some that are playing games. I would hope that with all the time and effort a person puts in is something worth going after. I was told before that my kindness would be taken advantage of. I can't say that that hasn't happened but I am at a maturity level that I don't live in the hurt. I want to give my all to someone who is willing to do that for me. I think many have misunderstood the definition of unconditional. That means money too. Nothing wrong with getting what you desire. Sometimes what you ask for and desire doesn't need to have a tag on it. I just want a woman who is at a maturity that is like no other. I am humbly waiting to find out. Are you out there? I believe you are. I want to finish first. How many out there think the same? Sometimes millionaire doesn't mean money. Doesn't being with someone that you love qualify you?

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    I definitely think that good guys can finish first. I am a 28 year old attractive woman who is not a millionaire, but is also far from broke. I like nice things and I save up to buy what I want and it feels good that no one can take away the jewelry, cars, clothes, etc that i have bought for myself. Money certainly makes things in a relationship or marriage easier, but money cant make an unhappy couple happy. I think that being a nice guy who is faithful should be enough for any woman to love, and money should be the icing on the cake. So maybe not flaunting your money would help you find a genuine woman and if she thought you were broke, the money would be an added bonus.
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