Love is hard, but easy to do Romance Forward to friends

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    Finding love is hard because there are very not many that can be trusted.
    Once you have your love infront of your face and fully into your life, We take advantage of theire love. Thats what makes Love hard. But if we improve in our responding to those who love us then Love is easy to do! Lets try to do so easy love!
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  • View author's info Posted on Dec 17, 2004 at 11:42 AM

    Is love really easy to do? I think that there is way more aspects of really loving someone than just a few things.. Everyone has a past whether good or bad but it makes us stronger. To truly know that you have found TRUE love you really need to know that you have unlocked the heart of that person like never before. This isn't done by beauty or money as some think. It is done by honesty, sincerity, compasionate, romance, 110% communication, trust and knowing that one person truly loves the other. It's truly something that can't be just faked or lied about because in the end it just leads to problems so why start.. To Love is to love for who they are and not what they got or beauty. Because when it comes down to it those reasons can be taken away alittle at a time. In age or a mishap, but to truly know you have the (1) that will stand by you for life well then that's LOVE.
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