Do you know who HOTMILLIONAIRE69 is?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Im a romantic but if you cant afford to pay the membership fee a small job for a couple of hours should get enough money to cover the cost lol x and then you could have the man of your dreams. Money well worth spending eh!
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    SexySmileSweetie write:
    Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone will read this. I have been corresponding back and forth through this fantastic site MM with a member called HOT MILLIONAIRE 69 (hotmillionaire69) from Beverley HIlls CA. The problem is neither one of us is a gold member and all we are able to do is write back and forth through winks. I know he is interested in me since he sends me messages once a month( that's all the winks you're allowed to send to the same person at a time) If anyone is a gold member on MM and happens to know this great guy who I have become very interested since he has contacted me, please send him an email telling him to CONTACT me by sending me an EMAIL with HIS email address in it so I could write to him.
    We're wasting our time where we could be developing a stronger relationship right now between us! PLease romantics, help me out! Thanks!
    SEXY SMILE SWEETIE (sexysmilesweetie)

    I hope this guy reads your message and decides to subscribe for one month, if he is really interested in you. What is nineteen dollars if it could lead him to you. The same applies to you too. Best of luck.

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    LOL !!!!!!!!!!
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    If the man really makes $1000K a year as he profile states, don't you think that he could afford 3 minutes of his salary to pay for a monthly fee to be able to write to you? Something just doesn't add up here... Be careful, the internet is a very odd place!!!
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