When do we cross the line between virtual world to reality? Romance Forward to friends

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    I was wondering when we know that we cross the line between virtual world and real world,out there where we can really smile,touch,feel..When do we know that another face( real or fake) is not a temptation as long as you didn't arrive in REALITY!There is the flirt,there is not just a choice by an imagine,is a whole package or more like a puzzle and all the pieces are creating the person image!
    How can we express in words what and who we are as words are not enough for this? Every person is unique in his own way but we have the ability to adapt as long as we feel....but my main question here is: do virtual world can create real emotions and relations between two people,that type of relationship that can brake all the barriers?
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    You can create REAL emotion virtually if there is honest communication from the start.  As soon as one person pretends or falsifies their profile, character traits, or anything else then the reality is broken and you have a pretentious relationship based on lies.  Seek truth.  Seek character.  And love with seek you.

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    Yes, I agree words often fall short in describing the totality of our being. We are all unique individuals and I would add each of us has gifts.

    There is considerable debate about "REALITY" while it appear as an easy question to answer. There is a great deal of information that would suggest otherwise.

    If we accept that everything is made up of energy resonating at different frequencies. The slower this energy vibrates the denser it appears to be as in the case of a wall, conversely the faster energy vibrates the less dense it is until the energy is vibrating so fast that we can no longer detect with our five senses.

    Although I said if we "accept" when in fact we know the above to be a fact. We also know that our fives senses is only able to detect a fraction of energy or matter that exist in the universe. It is estimated that 95 per cent of all energy/matter is undectable by our senses. However, we have built machines to detect some of this energy, xrays, gamma rays, micro waves etc.

    Our eyes can only see one tiny frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum called visible light the colors of the rainbow between red and violet. We also know that some animals can see further into the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Many now believe there may be other dimensions of reality which may be vibrating too fast for us to see.

    Our fives senses is a process where vibrational patterns, electrical impulses are decoded by our brain. In other words as in the case of our eyes where light is transformed into electrical signals that is delivered to the brain for interpretation.

    Thoughts and emotions produce waveforms. Which then form networks of electrical connections in response to this input recieved. The information is that most of our emotional responses are entirely predictable. One of the reasons some are able to push our buttons.

    There are those for which the above doesn't necessarily apply, some people have the ability to tune in to the higher electromagnetic spectrums and therefore brake barriers of feelings, sight, sounds, smells and tastes beyond those of most.

    I am of the opinion that we all may experience these kinds of heightened states between two people in experiencing a feeling of oneness. If it's happened to you, you would always remember it.

    I'm not sure if I've answered your question. I think at the end of the day we can accept as faith that what we are having as a life experience is real. I doubt that there is a way to prove it.
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