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    Botox - pure magic!

    I must correct the RapturousRed who said that Botox paralyzes the nerves. Botox actually weakens MUSCLES. If one is on blood thinners or taking regular Ibuprofen, yes, you can get bruising due to their blood thinning effect.

    I have a horizontal line across my forehead, that's been there for ages. Momma used to say if you raise your eyebrows, you'll get a wrinkle on your forehead.. and she was right. It was a very deep crease, that aged me, and gave me a very negative appearance. I've had it done 3 times - each lasting about 6 months. The doctor now wishes he'd taken "before" pictures. I've tried two doctors, and the second one targets muscles differently, giving me a much better response.

    I can still raise my eyebrows, and my face still has all the "original" expression. The only difference now is that those expressions don't result in the deep horizontal forehead line, and telltale eye creases.

    NEVER go to anyone without MD after their name. Going to a beautician for medical procedures could result in inferior product, and complications resulting from a lack of medical knowledge. You don't want someone untrained hitting a facial nerve. If you do have a complication you will have no recourse. Since Botox is considered a medication, I'm not even sure how a beautician can obtain it.

    Go to a plastic's doctor and pay a few extra dollars. They have extensive knowledge of muscle and nerve locations/landmarks to safely inject you, and give you longer lasting results.

    To do, or not to do.... I'm in favor of anything that improves one's self image. The things I've done, I've done for myself - and no one else. And, that's how it should be.

    ps... i'm a RN
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    mamacitarica write:
    Cutie: that is a funny story..

    GREEN PEEL treatment is the secret, a German Line that has existed over 35 years, new skin in just 5 days, this deep herbal peel regenerates and speeds the metabolism of cells and collagen fibre.
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    Because this application is a mixture of natural herbs its safe in contrast to other peeling methods the green pell can be used as a body peeling
    winks winks but also remember to drink lots of water and your raw veggies


    Thanks will definitely explore and hopefully use.Looked into chemical peels but sounded awful and so expensive.Your advice is much appreciated can i suggest you do a beauty post ? .Tips for all for free hehehe.

    I agree a beauty topic would be appreciated.

    cutiebooty write:
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    mamacitarica write:
    Hi, all I like to know what you think about botox

    I am a skin therapist and I am against this injection, that temporarily weakens the muscles-blocks muscle's impulses (paralyzing the neurotransmitters)
    -Botox is a commercial name for botulinum toxin A
    -Botox was only approved by the FDA until spring 2002 to treat wrinkles
    -Botox is can be Fatal.
    -Botox has been used on animals and 50% have die
    -There are Botox parties, where the plastic surgeon is invited to join a group of friends have wine and cheese an hey lets Botox our way to the grave"should we, I'm ready when you are ready" but give me $$$ first I'll make you look like you have no gestures for a few months.

    Botox has become very popular even amongst men; I think that,actually I seen people getting this injection without researching as much and its funny to see over botoxed people and celebrities.
    At the spa I had clients who are loyal to Botox for years and everytime it wears off they looked fugly-and a closer look its scary their skin texture changes,and they look older its yucky and its an addiction to the point where they must keep getting injected and the doses add up eventually...
    Share you thoughts,

    Interesting topic! I have personally never gotten the botox craze. All your points are right on - at least from my perspective.

    That someone would willingly introduce a poision that deadens nerves into their body for the sake of vanity just amazes me.

    And yes at my age, I've got some wrinkles but would I trade those smile lines for an expressionless face?! No way.

    And I cringe when I see all those overly and unnaturally huge lips! Especially when they're crying - my God, their lips practically cover their entire face! It's gross.

    And of course it's addictive, because it wears off! It's an ugly cycle.
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