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    Im sad to say I almost felll victim to someone I started communication with on this site.  First I found it so odd he did not want to meet living so close to my town.  Then he had to leave the country and communication continued.  Then a big business deal went down. We were talking back and forth while he was overseas.  Said he was coming home for Christmas and wanted me to pick him up at airport.  I was real leary because I had never met him.  Then the clincher came he needed money to finish his big deal overseas.  As soon as money came up in conversations red flags flew up and I just put closure to it.  I felt foolish it wasn't about the big money he so called was making but I was forming a friendship that I thought had a possibility of moving forward

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    How do you know if a photo is fake? Do you mean that it's not really the photo of the person that is using the profile? Did you find out after you actually met, or were there other clues?
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    I've just come across a scammer on MM too and was shocked to see that there are quite a few profile photos on here who are fake.

    Here's a good site to check out, it also shows photos used by scammers:

    It includes 'email messages' sent out to numerous people, fake email addresses that people give out as well as photos used by scammers.

    Good luck and safe searching! :)


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    This is not a new thing and surely not exclusive to this site. I just posted a Blog titled Seven Steps to Smart and Safe Online Dating and the first step was Understand there are all kinds of people online and they can tell you anything and they do. You have to really subscribe t that paradigm when trying to meet people online.
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    MM apparently still doesn't control the scammers. That's why I terminated my membership as a certified millionaire a couple of years ago.
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