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    I currently live in Odessa, Ukraine which has the world's most beautiful women. I always heard that but, now I'm convinced. Of course, not many of them are millionaires but, its like I've died and gone to heaven.

    I live on a very nice street in the city center, Rishelyevskaya (Richelieu) Street. I have renamed it "Aphrodisiac Avenue".

    I'm telling you guys, this is the place to find a good woman. I'm surrounded by them. But, they are all so young. I'm 58 and date girls 25 to 30. The older women here don't go out because they feel that they're competing with younger women. But, these older women are also very beautiful. Log onto some of the marraige agency sites featuring Ukrainian women. What you see is what you get. Unbelievably beautiful women!
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    Learn to speak Russian. I bought the three levels of Pimsleur and learned to speak reasonably good tourist Russian in about 9 months. It really make traveling in Russia or the Ukraine much more fun and enjoyable. It opens up a whole new world with the women over there.

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    Hey Speed! Need to re-locate? Here's the place for you!!!
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