Somebody please help me and tell me exactllly what these millionaire men want from woman? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Money is not everything thats the machinery to get you along materially speaking. But having Gods perfect love, joy, comfort, peace of mind.. with a companion who is unselfish, caring, contented, down to earth ,fully satisfied, willing to share her heart with less unfortunate individuals, and not trying to get more wealth than she really needs. Thats why a rich man would look for that poor humble woman with a heart of gold to be his
    life long partner, don't you see this is what God requres of us
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    This is an interesting thread. So many thouthful posts, and widely varied. It seems to me that a financially successful person is still just a person. Everyone is different and wants/needs unique things. Not every man will be attracted to me, and I don't find every man attractive...if he's not "the one", it makes absolutely no difference if one, both or neither of us have money. I have to say, though, having my own money helps me maintain focus and perspective, especially when a guy is very forward, I don't have to feel like he's the last fish ever. But confidence doesn't REQUIRE money. Having a hobby, career, volunteering, anything you do well or love will bring you the same sense of accomplishment, which is very attractive. The biggest difference I've seen is that, with success, comes doubt, equal to the amount of times you've been burned while trying to figure out who your real friends are and who just wants a free lunch. Sad, but true. I love to share, I hate to be used.
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    TrueNorthStar write:
    I guess where I got confused is that I thought MM was for millionaires .. so that meant to me that both the men and the women were high achievers who had made it financially, and now they were looking for their best friend or match on all the various levels ..
    That is the reason that I joined, I was looking to meet people who were at a similar point in their lives as myself...

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    thats my question what they want from a woman they have it all they think, you known i look at it this way i want my own money i want no one to control me. so let them keep there money i will have mine too its all good. so all you millionaire thank god, and joy.
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    I guess where I got confused is that I thought MM was for millionaires .. so that meant to me that both the men and the women were high achievers who had made it financially, and now they were looking for their best friend or match on all the various levels ..

    Now that I have found that isn't the case, it makes it somewhat different. I've already experienced being hit on by gigolo types, so I've changed the wording in my narrative. I've actually changed the entire personal narrative about five times, because it is hard to know what the most important things are to relay to the other members out there whom you are trying to attract.

    I find it amusing when I read a guy's narrative that says "I've travelled to 194 countries, swum the Amazon, dived the entire length of the Barrier Reef, bungy jumped from the top of the Empire State Building ... ", etc. Then I wonder if I should be listing all my achievements. If you list your achievements, you sound like an ego tripper. If you only talk about your inner longings, they will never know that you also swam the Indian Ocean and climbed Mount Everest. It's a small amount of space into which to put a synopsis of your whole life ..

    For the gold diggers I guess you could state "I'm looking for a lovely man who is willing to share all he has made with me." For the Millionaire, one could say "I've made a bit of a fortune .. if you qualify, I will share it with you". Sorry to ramble, but the subject of this blog deserves some thought.

    "What exactly do the Millionaire Men want from a woman?" Maybe the answer is that they were hoping to find a Millionaire Woman who had done as much with her life as they had. Food for thought ..
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    PerfectSpoiler4u write:
    I think that men or women with money want all the same things people without money want! Partnership, loyalty, love, passion, romance, affection, faith in the future, and compatability. I have been blessed to be successful, and I can do some very fun and interesting things, and would like to find a partner who wants to enjoy a fine life. Love and joy are the same, whether you are at a Paris sidewalk cafe, or in the drive up at Taco Bell (well, maybe not exactly, but you get the idea).
    I think there is a misconception that (and I can only speak for the male side here) men with money, only want young, beautiful, trophy type women. For some, that is probably true. But, I think for most, it is more important to connect on other levels. After all, when you are having dinner at that romantic sidewalk cafe in Paris, it would be nice to have something interesting to talk about. Would I take a "trophy babe" who was first attracted to me by way of some financial success?? Of course. But, there would also (and more importantly) have to be a spiritual, emotional and intellectual connection as well. There is more to holding a hand, than just admiring an expensive manicure. It has to feel good as well.

    Excellent answer. While Mother Teresa in Kim Basinger's body with Julia Childs' skills in the kitchen and Jenna Jamison's bedroom demeanor probably appeals to most of us looking for the whole package, we eventually learn to prioritize. Someone we're physically attracted to, who inspires and interests us, whom we can count on and with whom we wish to spend our days is what guys want. We want the woman about whom, when all is said in done, we can honestly say our life was better being with than without. Making her happy and earning her love and respect is a huge part of this. We want the women that make us feel like we're also worth the sacrifice that comes in every relationship.
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    This has to be one of the funniest threads I've read in years...

    Executive was closer to being real
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    Im No Milloinaire So No Use asking Me Than Huh! Lol! Gonna take me a long to be one..pmsl, But Hey still up for meeting one Sexy Babe though! Im a hopeless Romantic at Heart, Does that count for anything!
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    Some people get it, some do not. Men and women want the same things out of life (most men and women). If you are not the one, you are not the one, next.....and so on and so forth. Love yourself and respect yourself enough to know when someone only wants sex or if someone genuinely 'likes you'. COMMON SENSE is all you need. If you don't have that then read this book = "He's just not that in to you" I truly think it pertains to all of us. If we like someone, do we call them? And if we don't do we call them? Let him find you!

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    A lot of great responses! I believe that they are looking for the same thing that any other sincere person is searching for, their soulmate. You can't put a price tag on love; if you must be a very shallow person. I'm not rich. I work hard for my money and take great pride in my work. I'm looking for quality NOT quantity.

    Best Wishes to ev1,
    Blue *wink*
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    Im not sure what they are looking for really.I have riches and know much success . Im simply looking for that special soul that is REAL and seeks the same to enjoy life with.

    I'd not put on any airs about who I am, thats stupid and only attracts the wrong person, really.

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    How about someone, who's attractive,confident,honest,loyal,gives to a relationship emotionally,not just takes,great sense of humor,clever,seductive,sensual and loves intimacy. A one man women.
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    hmmmmm well you loaded men i am chloe

    i am 22 from the uk

    i am in no way a sub BUT i can cook clean and make a fab friend and lover

    i am looking for a nice kind man

    age .... 20 to 40 in uk or usa but travels to uk or will fly me over ect

    i work full time as a model and am going for miss durham this year then miss england .

    ummmm what else i am bright and fun sexy and up for a laff

    so email me xxxx

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    Is a picture like that necessary on this site? Looks like soft porn to me.
  • View author's info posted on Oct 05, 2005 17:58

    sweetbarbiegirl write:

    You just hit the nail on the head,lol.
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    catintherain write:
    Usually money marries money with one exeption: too much money and crazy love.
    In my area there are a lot of wealthy people. I watch them. And this is what I see: she is young -he is old and rich;
    she is rich -he is young and handsome;
    she is young and rich- he is young and rich: she is rich and ugly-he is young and sexy; Never met the combination: he is young, sexy, good-looking and rich and she is young, beautiful and poor.
    I am sure there are some exeptions- in movies like cinderella. So why not to dream about it. It used to be my favorite book.

    how about trying..they are both young, good-looking, hardworking, loving and smart..then they both make it successful and rich and they still love each other..
    I see quite a lot of this combination too where I live..
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    They want a simpering submissive wife and a strong willed women on the side. Those are the creeps to stay far away from.
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    I wonder if they would want a strong willed woman or rather have simpering submissive one?

    Does seem like men in general want those who fit the cookie-cutter what the world says a woman should look like, the rest of us are passed over before they give us a chance to know us...

    BUT... cannot judge a few bad apples for the whole barrel...I had to realize that after a bad divorce, can't blame all men for the ones that have hurt you. Like I said I think we have burned so many times we become to fall into the stereotypes due to fear of being burned again? /shrug
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    "I know a few multi-millionaires myself, most have degrees. Only one I know of did not complete his grade 10. He's a dam*ned hard worker and very smart, constantly is that combination that helped him to build a very lucrative business throughout several southern US states. I don't know how anyone stupid could make a million! I would think people would constantly be walking all over them and taking advantage of them".

    True but sometimes "stupid people" have the advantage of not thinking things through and so not seeing any pitfalls. So they do firefight problems as they arise and make themselves a good living.
    As to education and being stupid, I have often thought about this, I am not stupid by any means, but if I was stuck on a lonely road and my car had broken down I would not know where to begin to fix it. So would that make me stupid? A mechanic could come along his/her car break down and they could fix it and be on their way home, but they might not have a degree. So in such a situation who is the stupid one? I think stupidity is not what you know or don't know, or are capable of, more what you are willing to learn or not learn.
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    "katiegrl's case is similar. The guy probably was about to make a job or business offer or perhaps a move on her, but, when he realized he talks to a person who cannot be bought or sold, an artist, then he let his tail down like a doggie and walked away".

    Is it that they aren't up to the challenge, or don't want to take on somebody who has their own ideas? Perhaps they really do want the "dumb trophy girlfriend or wife".
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