do you return e mail if not interested? Newcomer Introduction

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    well replying to unwanted requests is pretty hard.
    but if that someone wrote u a email once ,he will write it again ,if u dont reply and when he does then tell him if u r interested or not.
    its up to u to decide ,or just go to your profile and take ur email off
    usually works
    -good luck-
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    Ya know it seems to me MANY don't actually READ profiles they simply look at the pictures. If I can tell that they's definatly NOT read my profile then I rarely reply to them.
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    LMAO, Honey, you aren't the only one. Good luck to you!
    ~Eva in NC
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    If the email is respectful, of course I will respond. It's been SO long since I've actually gotten an email, though.
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    Hi BeautynBrains4u,

    Welcome to MM & the wild world of internet dating. I too take the time to politely respond with a decline if they've taken the time to email, but many don't seem to respond at all. No response means no interest, but agree that it would be nice to at least know they received your email. Have seen many comments re replying, some say they've responded politely declining & then get a verbal backlash, others say by not replying you'll clearly get the message. I personally feel if they've taken the time to contact you, it's the courteous, mannerly thing to do to respond with a thanks but not interested reply. Don't know when manners went out of style, but it just seems to be the way it is online.

    Do what feels right for you & good luck in your search.
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