Do Women Really want to meet Millionaires? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    oops! just read your profile and apparently you do!!!

    My appologies!
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    I think you will find Perfectspoiler that many women on MM list wealthy high up on their list! But do you really want to be a sugardaddy? lol
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    Many of us women agree on one thing, Spoiler. Above all the other dating sites, MM has the most educated, successful members to choose from and chat with. Other dating sites I've checked out end up with some unemployed guy messaging me and saying something like, "Hi gorgeous! Where you from? Do you like men with stamina? How long can you hold your breath? Are those ta tas real? How would you like me to put on a little show for you on instant messenger web cam???"

    Puleeeaaase! I would never date a man like that, let alone chat with him. The pickup lines blow! I might let him put on the show though! LOL EEEuuuwww ... striptease by a stranger!

    The men on MM KNOW how to talk intelligently. So do the women. Many of us, male and female, are secure financially. So while wealth may be way up there on the list, many men feel uncomfortable knowing we find that a "hot point."

    Consequently, they're more successful, often self-made, hard-working men of means, and that's what's important to most of us women, because WE have, or HAVE had, success and financial stablility too!

    Once you reach a certain level of education and achievement, people of like circumstances tend to attract each other more than not. I'm not saying someone with highschool ed and a waiter's salary would never attract one of us ... I'm just saying, for myself personally, my ears perk up when I read a post by a funny, smart guy with a nice pic. The size of his wallet is like a Bonus Scratch Area on a Scratch N' Win lottery ticket.

    So, ... being successful is a nice plus in a man, because if we choose to do something that requires a bit more money than say ... a night out bowling, we, as women, won't be footing the whole bill and feeling like we're emasculating the men if they can't contribute.

    Does this help?
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