The Curse of Being Beautiful Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Psychology Today (2012) did a nice review of the research on beautiful women.  Here are some of the key findings:

    1. Low-self esteem is more common in beautiful women.
    2. A shy beauty is viewed as snooty and stuck-up.
    3. They have hidden selfish streaks.  They are beautiful and know it and use their looks to their advantage.
    4. Their success is attributed to their looks and not their ability.
    5. She faces greater social rejection from her own gender.
    6. It's expensive. They spend 1/3 their income on trying to stay beautiful.
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    Any women that spends more than 7 hours a week to maintain beauty is being ripped off.


    Any man that spends less than 40 hours a week to maintain attractiveness is not keeping up with the competition.

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    I don't know if I qualitfy for those statistics because to some I'm just the most ugly thing they have ever seen on the face of the planet. So it can be clear I do not have a low self esteem. I'm also frugal with my "beauty maintenance" it is my talent. I'd rather spend money on things worth while involving my actual ability. I have make up and hair benafits for my skills anyhow. I don't really fit the mould it appears. I'm pansexual. So I also swing a rainbow of ways. 

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    From my observation of beautiful women:

    In adolescence, early 20s and 30s, being beautiful has many advantages.  You are admired by your own gender and a magnet for the opposite sex.  Men love beautiful women and may date or marry them solely for their physical attributes.  However as a beautiful woman ages, she worries more about losing her most valued asset and faces an uphill battle of maintaining her looks.  Worse, she may feel displaced by other beautiful younger women.  It's probably a difficult situation to be in if this is all that she has going for herself.

    Most women learn at an earlier age that you cannot depend on beauty while beautiful women learn at a later age that... well you definitely cannot depend on beauty. 

    Thanks Orlando for this study and others, I enjoy reading them.

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