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    A millionnaire is not that difficult to achieve nowadays. I meet a good share of them weekly.
    The spirit of millionnaire I think is actually a billionaire now. If we want to get technical.
    It doesn't really matter though. For me, a millionaire is someone who will make me feel like a million bucks!! :-))
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    Millionaires don't always look like a million dollars. Everyone puts thier pants on one leg at a time. Some are frugal and work hard to keer those dollars working for them, some induldge thier whim more ofen.   I know several unattached millionaire men - they are not on this site. They scuba, they bike, they grocery shop, they go out to eat in dives as well as 5 star spots. They are they guy you look at and go, hummm just another guy.  You can expect to marry a millionaire but searching for one isn't really going to accomplish finding a soul mate.  Ladies, there is soooooo much more to long term compatibility than money. And um, by the way, some women are millionaires too :)
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    Well, I don't know much about this topic..never met a man with lots of $$$..and I don't think I missed anything..being happy is important..look at me..its friday night..I'am home on this site..whats wrong with this I'm still happy..

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    IntelligentGIRL, because they hustled and the Right place at the right time. I believe myself that it is awful difficult to meet a millionaire online, or anyone for a permanent relationship at that. It be easier to go knock on their door and sell cookies, and throw a sexy smile.

    And at Orlando, I thought it was only 4% (not .62%) who had a net worth of more than 1 million. [According to my Reuters reading about 1 year back.] Actually anyone can become a millionaire, it's not exclusive, I parlayed $3,000.00 dollars received in 1962 into $25 mil, and Zero for Liabilities, plus I quit working at age 37 and don't consider myself so special at all. I'm just an average guy astute of ones surroundings. Most all in life is just common sense. There's nothing special I see in Millionaires, other than a luxury car and a nicer or bigger home. Ladies would do themselves a disservice if that's their objective -- it only makes life a bit more comfortable, yet human animal can get used to anything, the mind and body adjusts.
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    Is it realistic to marry a millionaire?  The statistics are stacked against someone. The percentage of millionaires in the U.S is 0.62% (that's less than 1% who have net assets over 1 million). Of those, only 20%-30% are single depending on the study.  Of those, about 50% are cohabitating or in a relationship.  That leaves about 1/6 of 1% available.  To make matters worse, a typical "millionaire" would make about $80,000 per year but they have net assets (total assets minus debt) from their house, car, mutual funds, etc.  They are classified as a "millionaire" because if they sold all their stuff and paid all their bills, they would have over 1 million.  The U.S. Census also classifies whoever lives in that house as a "millionaire"--the husband, wife, kids, dog, etc.  Keep that in mind when you consider the 0.62% of millionaires in the U.S.  I was calculating the numbers and it appears a close race to marry a millionaire vs. get hit by lightening.  I thought you might find this interesting. 
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    if it's not realistic than why is whole Beverly hills loaded with poor (oklahoma) blondes married to a wealthy millionaire?
    I'm also a professor.
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