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    Online dating can be a game of frustration.  Depending on the source, return response rates are from 15%-25%.  The actual date is usually miniscule.  I imagine there are guys or gals you have tried to contact and you got zero response.  Or you get contacted by individuals that don't interest you.  Care to share your frustration, story, and opinion?
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    I am new to this site but have been on others for around a year now.  At first, I did feel the frustration.  The most annoying thing that I have found is when women initiate contact with me, I respond, and no answer back.  It comes down to common courtesy which we seem to be lacking in our society today.  If I initiate a message and don't get a reply, I do understand that the person may be inundated, in a new relationship, afraid of saying no thanks, and so on.  After awhile, I got used to the frustration and tried to turn it to a positive, which it has become.  I learn from each and every person that I talk to (and even some of those who I do not talk to).  This has taught me to be kinder and reminds me to treat others as I would like to be treated.  It also reinforces the fact that some people just may not be interested and that is OK.  I don't deal well with rejection but now I can justify it and accept it.  It took some practice :).  Last, but not least, this is supposed to be fun!  So don't let the little things get to you.  Move on with even more vigor.  We are all on a journey and it would not be much fun if we knew where it would end.  Let the chase be as good as the catch!
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    I don't get frustrated. I think it depends on what expectation you have from the site.
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    Hi Orlando-  I am new here,  but at another site i have found out that when I  send an email, make a comment based on their profile and ask a question, oftentimes I do not get a response.  Common, I am not asking for their hand in marriage! LOL
    To me it's the courteous thing to do, but then I am courteous in the real world as well.

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 12:45 AM

    I never understand these posts. 
    I've been a member of this site, off and on, since 2005 and I rarely, if ever get contacted by a scammer.
    My experience is that 7 out of 10 people answer my emails and the ones that don't are just telling me upfront that our values are different. 
    I go on 2-3 coffee dates a month and 1 of those usually turns into a 4-8 month relationship.
    I've had exactly one woman from here who didn't look like her photos (she was 30 lbs heavier but still quite attractive).
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    Sadly, I have nothing to add. I'm a newbie here so maybe I should keep quiet. :-)
    I have however sent emails within my 7 weeks on here. No response. I've received a few winks here and there..responded to one person who showed interest, again with no response. I even had a woman who asked for my email to give to a friend of hers (who is not on this site) because she thinks I'm his type.. Lol
    I'm sure my saga will continue the longer I'm here and I will have more to add. Like Liv, it has become a blogging site for me .. I love reading and sharing experiences..
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 21, 2012 at 03:50 PM

    Orlando Dearie,

    How have you been? Come on back to the Blogs - they are more popular than the forum - me thinks - could be wrong. But good to see you.

    Now my experience on here as far as dating is concerned is funny - less than desirable. I joined last year with hopes and a healthy, open mind - but soon realised that most of the profiles were just rhetorics. People were simply not true to the words expressed in their profiles. 

    My stat on MM:
    1. I have had a few winks from scammers.

    2. Handful of e-mails from members.

    3. One proposed date that did not show up - Esfahan something -  I simply blogged about it, to understand the utter nonsense and effrontery.

    4. An on-going e-mail with a member who was perhaps on a rebound [was going through a divorce which may have been more traumatic than he was letting on], but chickened out when it came to a proposed telephone call/ and an actual date afterwards! Makes me wonder - I don't bite, lol - why so scared to crawl out of the cyber subterfuge?

    5. Fantastic blogging experience!

    6. Great blogging friends such as Hoping, CG, Curious, Machevilli, Dakota, Diana, MissMontecarlo, Fishy, RMac, SMax, NGL, your humble self etc!

    From my experience above, MM hasn't been a dating site for me - it is a blogging site - period!

    No regrets!

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