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    I have just come through some blogs and forums and my fresh opinion is: People are so complexed here. They are painfully trying to find the answers on issues which are absolutely clear for any sober and intelligent person.
    If you doubt that someone wants to be with you not for your assets, just leave your psychological problem for yourself or leave the person, do not put responsibility on that person to prove his intentions towards you.
    And what I see concerning so many women here?! I am sorry to say that, but most of girls here or simply not attractive or just ugly.  But why they keep publishing on forums there large closeup pictures which are scary providing them with lines "I am beautiful and sexy girl"? 
    Just rediculous.  I am not surprised that no one can find anyone here because people do not realise clear who they are and what they want.


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    Wasn't I right? All comments sound like complete complexed persons are talking. I think that psychologists who have read them understand what I mean

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    Of course I can comment on someone´s looks. Why not?  White is white . Black is black . Ügl is ugly. Beautiful is beautiful. Old is old. Young is young..........and so on.

    Thanks for visiting my profile. 350 000 per year is just a comfortable, not rich life style for me.

    I forgot to add to my post that people here not just complexed, they have to pretend to hide there real desires and thoughts just to gain some positive attention.   Very hipocritical talking around. This is a real wasting of time to talk what you do not feel really and do not think.

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    This is probably a complete waste of time to type here but I will anyway. First of all, you're a Mean Girl!  Who are you to comment on someone's looks,especially to the point of calling them scary?  Wow... clearly you have never heard the term,"You can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar" or at least you don't know how to apply it.  Maybe it is best that you don't put on the facade of being nice though. It's better to show your true colors but yes, you will get some feedback that you may not like because of it!!



    You typed that you're "not looking for a poor man,neither only very rich one. Just comfortable." End  of quote.  Your profile says your match would make at least $350,000.00 a year. LMAO, that would be very wealthy to most people.  You can type what you want here to defend yourself but there is proof that states otherwise.



    I don't think any male subscribers should go directly to you to complain, it is a waste of their time but I do understand why anyone gets riled up,especially if they have come across the negative stuff over and over again online. You are not only receiving negative comments because of your own words but because of the words of many. Stuff happens, you get to choose how to react to it.

  • View author's info posted on Feb 16, 2014 12:36

    In the paragraph "about my match" I clearly mention that I am not looking for a poor man, neither only VERY rich one. Just comfortable. Why I get angry messages from poor losers who call me "gold digger"?  They shouldn´t be bothered at all when it doesn´t concern them.
    When a man writes in his profile he is looking for a woman 15-20 years younger than him I do not write angry letter calling him "pedofil". Neither other women do.
    So do really most of men have there complexes about money?

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