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    I recently became a member of MM and while navigating my way around this site managed to find this Forum section. Well, what a wonderful opportunity for me to post a statement and a question, and maybe someone with more insight than myself could offer an opinion or an answer.
    I am a man that has spent the better part of his life doing the "right thing". That would entail things like becoming educated... becoming successful in my chosen profession... cherishing my experiences with the realization that they are all impacting me in some positive way...genuinely treating people the way I would want them to treat me...doing much introspection and then spending time on myself inside and out to be the very best I can be. Although I am not "uber-rich", I'm certainly not suffering financially and do have a very nice life. I genuinely want to find someone that is true and willing to share and grow together.
    My question is....I have always heard women say that the above-mentioned traits are the qualities they search for in a man. So is there a woman out there who would actually want to be with me or is it all just lip-service?
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    Why do you not move to Ontario? you live in the wrong province!
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    Ok Let me try this one more time to see if I actually get my message posted. I do have to agree with the lady that said that if you read what people have to say you can definitely learn quitea bit about a person just from that. So Ive got a question.. I see a few have viewed my post and Ive put photos, what am I doing wrong that no one has emailed me yet?
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    Thank you all for your thoughts....I appreciate your imput and certainly haven't given up hope on finding my match! Good luck in your search for the same!
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    There are definitely some very nice women here, don't be afraid to email some of them and find out.....I'm not speaking for myself, because as you can see, I'm ancient, but I see lots of profiles of lovely women in your age group on the message boards. You can learn a lot from reading what people post on these boards and forums, I've found it terribly interesting and yes, fun, too. Good luck in your search.
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    Hi, one big boss

    Don't worry you will find the right person when it comes along. It's up to you to use the best decision. Is there are women out there that won't a real relationship an honest relationship with those qualities with them. Yes, there are and there are woman outthere I hate to say it that wants the " Lip-Service". But, follower your heart and use the best decision. The right person will come sooner or later.

    Good luck on your Journey.
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    Boss, you're an extremely hot guy with all of the traits I value in a man. I'd go out with you in a heartbeat but I'm 5' 7" too in my bare feet (5' 9" in my shoes)and voluptuous, not petite. We would go out once and you'd decide, as many other men have done, that I would blot you out of the sunlight with my ample bosom and swively hips. Your picture shows you to be very handsome, and you look like a cool guy too, but I know from experience you'd take one look at me and discount the fact that I'm intelligent, funny, accomplished, adventurous, sexy and a brilliant multi-tasker. And you wouldn't be the first.
    But I AM available for a coffee or drinks or just some silly fun some time, mind you! lol I think we could be tremendous friends, but you probably wouldn't want me to be a permanent love item in your life.
    Don't give up, hot guy ... it takes patience. You've gotta have it if you want to find a partner, in love ... or whatever. When you think about it ... what else have you got to do? lol
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