Does anyone else feel this way??? Romance Forward to friends

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    Just when you feel like you have it ALL
    You realize you don't have anything at all
    Why is that when you've reached success
    You have no one to share it with
    When you've made more money than you ever thought you'd make
    But you have no one special to share it with
    You have the bed of your dreams
    But no one special to cuddle with
    When you have more beautiful people than you thought you'd meet
    But you don't have one to call your own
    Why is that every time you have no one special in your life
    Every time you turn on the TV there's a couple that?s in love
    Why when you feel your invincible
    It's because your by yourself
    Why is that every time you've figured out a piece of your life
    Another piece lies just behind that one to figure out
    Why when you think you've found happiness
    In just the snap of a finger it can be taken away
    When you think you've got everything under control
    You look back over your shoulder and everything?s twisted
    Why do you at times neglect the ones that care
    Only to have them neglect you and then you finally care
    Why do you have to learn the hard way sometimes
    And loose someone by accident
    Only to wish you could go back in time
    And do everything the opposite
    Why did God program us this way
    Sometimes it's not fair
    Why do I feel like I'm the American dream
    Yet I'm so far away from my own dreams
    Why is it that I go 6 months without one regrets
    And then in one day regret the last 6 months
    Why do I have so many questions about my own life
    When I can answer everyone else?s questions about their life
    Why does it seem like all the pieces of happiness
    Can never seem to meet at the same time
    Why do I feel like I'm never satisfied
    When sometimes I've got something great right in front of my face
    Why am I always looking for something better
    Is there really something better
    Why can't there be a sign that says don't fuck this one up
    I know it's not gonna happen but....
    Why am I bitching about such a small problem
    When the world is at war and people are dying
    Cause I too at times feel like I'm dying insideSometimes I feel like I'm at war with myself
    Why have I hurt so many people
    I never meant to or purposely did so
    Why do I run away from every uncomfortable situation
    It feels good to get away and pretend like it never happened
    But Why is it almost a guarantee that it'll come back to haunt you
    Is this just my life or is it what everyone goes through
    Why am I having such a hard time today
    I know it'll all pass tomorrow
    But I also know it be back in 2 or 3 or 6 months
    Why does this have to happen
    Why when I know the mistakes I've done
    Will I probably do them again
    All I want to do is find complete happiness
    Again, I have it all to give
    But no one to give it to
    This is just one of those days that I get only once in a great while
    Maybe someone has an answer for me
    Maybe someone doesn't
    What I do know is that I'm gonna keep trying to look for complete happiness
    That's all I want, security, a family
    I promise I'll do my part
    But the question I have is when will I find it?
    I know that's an impossible question
    Where will I find it?
    I know that?s an impossible question also.
    Well, I'm gonna keep moving on with life
    This is just one of those days
    This is my goal
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    The answer:

    Life is a journey. If you decide that you cannot enjoy it without a, b, c, and d, you are making a mistake. There are things about NOW that area good. Notice it and stop swelling on preconcieved notions. This is your life. The here and now. Is there nothing to make you happy in what you have NOW? Will tomorrow be fun? What you seek will not magically make your jorurney a happy one. Only your perspective can do that. Find a perspective that lets you enjoy now.
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