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Is my dream simply to much
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Posted on Fri, Jan 17, 2014 18:36

I am not quite sure how to say this so I'll just say it as I'm thinking it and if I offend anyone then I apologise. Do women really answer men on this site who are not wealthy, who are not six feet tall with long dark hair and ride a white horse. I only ask this because I am a short well built (cuddly) man with mostly dark hair, age is catching up, it's all mine though even the colour. I am pretty healthy and would love to be fitter (and taller, I think this one's just not going to happen, Oh well.) I love life and love the outdoors and indoors, I love the ocean and the hills, is it normal to just love it all. I'm a widow of nearly three years with two wonderful adult daughters, normal people who you can talk to and laugh with. (Oh, the simple things in life are the best) Laughter is a very important part of life, it keeps us sane in a crazy world. I am not stuck in the past and look forward to whatever is next, in fact very excited as to what's next. If it is wrong for me to be hoping to find a lady who is fortunate to be well off financially then so be it, I chose the path I took with regards to my family and it cost me financially but I do not regret it, would I change anything, absolutly but we do what we think is the right thing at the time, we can do no more. I have a zillion things I would love to do in the future, travel being right up there, whilst I have seen a lot of Australia I am yet to enjoy the rest of the world and what it has to offer and that's exciting. I am a passionate person and am looking forward to finding a partner who has a passion in not only one area but many. I will have a go at just about anything with a smile. I love music of most kinds, Artistic endeavours, adventure, photography, renovating, getting the layers of paint off to expose the original beautiful woodwork, just in general fixing things, I have been known to have a go at writing and even the odd peom comes out of me now and again. I was born in Scotland and came to Australia when I was three and would love to go back and see the house I grew up in, it's still standing, I Googled it and my mum recognised it, so that would be special. I dream of standing out the front getting a passerby to take a photo of the two of us, sensational. I might even knock on the door if someone was home and see if they would let me/us see inside. It's a dream but there is nothng wrong with that. At 53 I'm a bit confused about how I'm supposed to feel, not old, not young, alive is a good start. Being a widow I don't expect sympathy, I just want/need, hope for, a lady who can see me for what I am, a caring, honest, trustworthy, handyman, good kisser (haha) guy who wants to love again and be loved and enjoy the rest of our lives knowing we can except our pasts and grasp our future with two hands and laugh a lot along the way. Can I just add that I am way past the club scene and not a dancer (although I said I would try anything) I do enjoy the simple things in life, family gatherings, the more the better, I'm happy to cook. I'm also a bit of a hunter and gatherer, (no I don't mean guns) I like fishing, I'll even clean them and cook them with a smile. (with the music on and maybe a glass of something nice) I don't think I can classify myself as normal, I do like to think outside the square often, I think it's just my way of entertaing myself but it can lead to some intersting outcomes, all good fun. Anyway I'll stop now, I thank you if you have read this far and leave you with a thought, maybe a couple. 

If you don't make a change nothing changes.

Life is too short. (did a tall person say this)

Don't Worry, Be Happy. (you have to actually sing this Bob Marley style)

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. (Let's start with the people around us)

I am not a paid up member at the moment but if you show an interest then I will join so we can chat, I am hopefull and excited but not confident but still smiling.

Hope to hear from you soon.


 P.S. I'm off to the get my trusty stead washed and waxed.

(Actually I've never ridden a horse, it's on that big list though, care to join me, that will be a laugh) 

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