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    Hey Champagne ,
    Have you been stalking me on this site? lol
    What zodiac sign are you? I think I could guess..
    I am of the view that marriage is really a private contract between two persons, why should the entire clan and world be involved..after all if it fails , am I going to have a divorce party? It is only a piece of paper that confirms the contractual relationship which really is about the heart and took me years to get used to being called Mrs..I refuse to 'belong' to someone and be labelled someone's wife ..or girlfriend..that sense of possessive interest encroaches on my need to feel free and be my own person and have my own phobia stamps from my fear of losing my identity..We grow up identifying with the institutions of learning and work which we have worked so hard for..but the institution of marriage is so nebulous and overwhelming..but motherhood changed it all for me I guess..a baby is visible and completely your own genetic imput and has part of your own identity..and a true confirmation of that intimate endorsed for me my future and you might just find that person oneday to confirm that belief in marriage..
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    I am the reverse..I live in fear of walking down the aisle in a prickly white gown, might just change my mind half way down and become a runaway after much convincing ..I could only be coaxed to take an hour off work, dashed to the Registry in a new peach-colored silk suit (my office gear being normally black) and sign the papers but forgot the wedding ring and never wore one in all my 20 -year marriage..our wedding party was a surprise party that night organised by the two offices...that is the only way I could do it..impromptu..otherwise I might have too many reasons to cancel ..the commitment phobic
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    no not funny - was a stunning dress--
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    Scripps do i want to get married?? hmm no - i was married once- i loved my dress more then the husband..

    NY is great- i have been to San Diego also and loved it there as well

    marriage for me noooooooo- however i do attend a lot of weddings,, maybe someone on this site will get married
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