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    TO: Every Woman on Here!

    It seems that everyone on here has been hurt.

    Men will tell you what they think you want to hear.

    Do not e-mail any man first...if he is interested, he WILL contact you.

    Wait before you reply to him.

    Do not tell all.

    Keep your e-mails brief.

    NEVER correspond on a weekend (after5PM on Friday...Until Sunday after 5pm)

    You are a "CUAO" (Creature Unlike Any Other).

    You have a very busy life...your weekends are full and busy (even if you have nothing to do, he CANNOT know that).

    I know this is the weekend and here I am. I had to send some family photos to relatives. I had a few minutes and decided to read some of the postings.

    This "unsolicited advice" I have shared comes from, a book entitled, "The Rules for Internet Dating".

    Best of luck and love to all of you.

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    Hi Joie,
    Search for the topic entitled "The Sisterhood," a thread where some MM women tell their stories of bad experiences and the men who make them so. It's not "man bashing," just "jerk-exposing."
    God knows, we love men who are sweet, romantic darlings! There are lots of those here too!
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    Gosh, I just joined... these stories are discouraging... Ladies, you should give us all hints as to who these scoundrels are so we can black list them and leave them hanging by their #%$^*@& or big bucks!
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    What do you imagine is the percentage of legitimate millionaire men on this site? I didn't come to this venue to suck the cash out of a rich guy's back pocket, but from what I've read, there are a high percentage of men here determined to get a woman by hook or by crook, even if it requires him to pretend to be a wealthy playboy.
    One reason I am here at is because I have a high profile job and many regular men feel intimidated by it and me. I'm not scary or a bitch or anything, but I am really assertive and confident and spend a lot of time at art galleries and press clubs. Most dating site guys are not "into" that. But I imagined there would at least be a few men here who were involved in the same social circles as I am, so I decided to search for a guy here, with similar interests.
    But, as there are many men on the other dating sites who misrepresent themselves as younger, successful, physically fit and romantic, I wonder if this IS a millionaire site or just a "beautiful women and predator men who like them" location. Would real millionaires look for love here? Wouldn't they be suspicious and leary of every person they encountered on
    Don't their friends set them up with blind dates? They do in the movies! lol
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    Gee Missellen........he wasn't honest? Ya think!

    Donald Trump's wedding, NFL player, multi-million dollar company but can't fly you to NYC? Or show up In San Fran? Have a cell or beeper constantly on him? Hard to get a hold of but doesn't have a secretary? Hmmmm, yep I think he's lying!

    And he was so big to forgive you for hurting his company by posting about him? How is posting about a nickname going to affect a business???
    It's not! Odds on the clients looking in here....slim, knowing he's in here and his nickname........unless you or he told them......almost none! So how would that affect his business in the first place? How about he didn't like you blowing his cover with other ladies, but if you still play along......he'll forgive you! What a guy! Please!

    Glad your cutting some nice guys a break, but seriously you need to spot those red flags alot better, or stop looking, your only going to get yourself in trouble and hurt!

    Please don't let your wishes and fantasies take over your brain again! Some will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want! Even if that's just to play along with their delusions!

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    Hi, I am new to this site. I been reading about your experiance with saxon. I glad you talk about. Because, This will help in the Future to be careful. Thank again, Missellen .
  • View author's info posted on Jan 27, 2005 08:46

    Nothing has worked out right with Saxon. He does have a felony, and explained the situation to me. My posting on here threatened his business. He was very forgiving of my posting, and well I don't think he was ever actually trying to steal my identity info. I was willing to try again.

    He was supposed to come again to California today on this Wednesday to see me. Have yet to hear from him. This time I knew not to wait for him. I stayed very productive since last night, and got out three applications today. I knew he would never show up. He kept just e-mailing me, and not taking time to make plans over the phone. I understand that men on this site do have million dollar businesses to run, but I know they talk to their clients on the phone. He was also extremely difficult to reach by phone at night, and I never spoke to him when he was at home at night.

    The most unfortunate part is that I think I may have brushed aside some honest, truthful, and genuine men these past two weeks because I had high hopes for Saxon. Women, please learn to watch out for the red flags mentioned above that took me too long to see.

    Women, if your interaction at all with a man seems like a fantasy, then it is probably not real. I do believe this man is merely living out a fantasy through me, which has no possibility of coming true. He has a fantasy of a young, attractive, and intelligent wife. I think that some of his past in the NFL, going to Donald Trump's wedding, being a COO, ect may be true. I have no way of knowing though which part is true and which is not. I decided not to go to Donald Trump's wedding with him, so I have no way of proving whether that was for real or not.

    What I do know is that real life is about succeeding despite whether you have a man or not. Life is about being driven and focused, and pressing on when things are so difficult. Life is also about being honest with yourself, and finding people who will be honest with you. Saxon was not honest with me, and now I'm moving on.
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    Wow, sounds like Saxon is making his round big time! Saxon was here too lol. Well, only in email LOL
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    So Miss Ellen, then your previous posts, to watch out for this guy were not true? Did he finally show up? Or call? What's the poop on that?
    Is he a threat or not?
    Confused here?
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    I did take many of the precautions that you all have mentioned. I even jumped too far in being precautious and warning other women. I will not give out my information again. It is both unsafe and made me an absolute nervous wreck with worry.

    As for the man, well I think our relationship is going just fine. In fact its better than fine, and I think we will have a significant future.
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    A man from New York City was supposed to come visit me this weekend in the CA Bay Area. I only became a member a week ago, but I've talked to him by phone and e-mail multiple times a day. He seemed to like me a lot, on a long term level even though we had not met.

    Well he never checked into his hotel in San Francisco, and I've received no calls or e-mails from him since Friday afternoon. I am very concerned because he does have in his possession some substantial identification information about me.

    I had significant trouble mailing one my graduate school applications and meeting the deadline. I was going to have to pay over $250 to mail it in on time. Therefore, I faxed him the application to have it couriered from NYC to Boston. I'm sure everyone realizes what type of personal information is on a college application.

    Now that I've heard nothing from him, I am concerned that he may be seducing women to steal their information. What do you all think? Please e-mail me and let me know.

    I've checked his name, address, background, ect online. I didn't pay for a background check though, but it appears that he has no criminal record in New York State.

    I was not going to post his name on this forum, but I am very concerned.

    Please e-mail me. Thank you for taking the time.
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    I would never share personal information....your credit report can be accessed when it becomes a blank check.....I would subscribe to a credit monitoring service and have all your credit card companies send you on-line daily updates of your balance.

    Not to rub salt..........he probably couldn't get permission from his wife to go on the trip........
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    Well I was flown to New Orleans by a gentleman from MM. The proviso was, not a "booty call" and anytime I felt uncomfortable or unsafe he'd put me on the next plane home.
    We had talked online, email and on the phone for 4 months first, and I felt comfortable and safe enough with him to agree to go. Night before I definitely had paranoid, second thoughts, but I went anyway. I couldn't stand the thought of someone I did know well enough, spending all that money and not following thru because I was nervous.
    In the end, he was a perfect gentleman. We saw everything and did the town up, wonderful meals and sights. Stayed in a to die for, hotel right in the French Quarter, that I would definitely never have been able to afford on my own.
    So I guess my point is, to really know who you are meeting. What his personality is, is he a player or just a nice man?
    I'm glad I followed my instincts and went, even tho I had alot of friends and family, concerned by my doing so. It proved to me at least my instincts are alot better than they use to be! LOL
    The final result was that altho we are still good friends, neither one of us was attracted to the other. We still talk and communicate but about every 2 weeks now, not everyday. Was a bit sad to lose someone so close to you in one sense, but proved this is real, there are nice gentlemen on here!
    So still be safe, have enough on your credit card to get back on your own if need be, but above all, listen to yourself!
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    Jeez - thank goodness you posted to let us all know you were still alive. Several of us thought you were in a 55 gallon drum buried out in the Vegas desert!
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    I'm curious. Has anyone here had a really bad (like dangerous, not like bad hair) date that they set up online?
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