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    I dreamt of a land by the sapphire sea
    Whence the swallows came. 
    In that land there dwelt a girl. 
    Sharon was her name.  
    She was as fair as Queen Anne's Lace. 
    The oceans were in her eyes.  
    Alabaster was her face
    Kissed by azure skies.  
    She said, "Have you broken the golden bowls 
    Or heard the clocks that chime? 
    Like silver ponies with long pink manes 
    Galloping through time? 
    Never the days turned into years 
    And never the dreamers slept 
    Like dreamers sleep in that beautiful land 
    Where the box with the dreams are kept."
    "Can the box be sold for silver or gold?"
    "No, an infinite price has been set."
    "Then I'll open the box when I'm old and cold 
    But I won't open it yet."  
    Away, away, ye beautiful dreams!
    But isn't it curious how
    That it should seem to dreamers who dream 
    That I might have forgotten you now? 
    Never a day I didn't kiss 
    The picture that you left. 
    Yes, it was one of the treasures
    In the box where the dreams are kept.
    So I broke the locks and opened the box.
    It ws dazzling to my eyes. 
    The dreams flew out and filled the seas,
    And then they filled the skies. 
    She said, "You must cast a silver net 
    And fish the sapphire sea.  
    Till you behold the dreams of gold
    And find the dreams that be. 
    You must fly away like a bird of prey 
    For the dreams that take to the skies. 
    You must catch them in a golden net
    Like you would a butterfly."
    By MillionDollarBab
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    Oh, thank you!

  • View author's info Posted on Sep 11, 2013 at 09:50 PM

    You are such a talented poet.  Keep those poems coming, it's a lost art.  

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