Stories of MArried White Women with Blacks Interracial Relationship

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    I work in an office environment in LA and in Chicago. I am a very attractive and fit black male and have lots of married White women who have made passes at me. Some I have slept with, but it seems to be something that is reaccuring and growing more than it has ever been. Any comments on your experiences
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     It has been like that since the beginning of time,  all races have mingle,  but through time races reestablish themselves back into their own sect. Ladies and men these days are just horny, especially during the summer time, and in warmer climate areas where it is warm all season,  they get super horny. With the help of Hollywood and the entertainment industry and the music industry sex is on the rise, sex is a spiritual drug that many become addicted to an lose their senses and moral values.


       I am so glad that Christ change my life, because if not my life could be like yours, ladies come on to me daily,  it is almost hard to leave the house. Ladies out number us men about 7 to 10 to 1,  and they are multiple white, black, asian etc. slim,  curvy, all ages  etc etc etc... And for some it is a sickness they cannot control,  many try to control with pills, hypnosis, counseling, etc, even in older time the guy who came up with the ideal of the G Spot was a german dr who discover ladies were going insane due to the fact that they were not being relived sexually and they had pressure build up inside. 


      Also let me say this you have to learn to master your sexual habits as well as all areas of your life that requires you to be in control.  As a Christian it took me a lot of praying and studying to master those areas of my life, and if you are use to ladies entering into your sphere it will be a nightmare and a tremendous test for those who have indulge for a very long time. 


    And in many cases ladies and men don't want to let go of that free will to explore sex with mutilple individuals. You are not alone, there are secret groups that do this all the time especially in the so called upper world. I was invited as a young man but I refuse to get caught up in toga parties etc. I once dated a teacher who delt with trouble youth,  and one of the male students said sex was over rated,  ( she was telling me so I could tone it down, not going to happen,  I am a monogamous lover ) so, I told her if it is over rated billions of people are doing it so something must be good about it.  


     So do take care of yourself,  remember it's a gamble that may not fair well if you don't heed the warning signs. 


      Peace and Love,  yours truly Mr. Born1top.



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    not all white women are the same way...look for non married women, guess that would be the right start and don't look at color, religion or culture...wrong way to find someone.
    by the way...I am white and I was married to a black man....that's how I can say that they are existent, okay?
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    Maybe it is like now when it's more "ok" to date between races many women suddenly dare to try it.
    Or maybe it depends on where you live. Like a friend I have from Tanzania who worked at a place with lots of girls who lived outside the city, and he said that they all loved him. Maybe those white women who grew up with only white boys find it very exotic with black men?
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    When it comes to me, dating a good women matters yet emotions and feelings can get the best of me and I would probably consider dating a married women, no matter if she is a african, caucasion, latina, and asian descendant.
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    I think I would be more concerned with the fact that these women are married (unless you're ok with that) than that they are white. I am white and I often date black men, because I am attracted to more black men I guess than other races. There are some women who may be pursuing you so they can say they were with a black man, or maybe they just cheat period and seek out attractive men--my guess it's because you're attractive and single, and they're getting away with it.
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    I would stay away from those type of relationships. There usually just white women married to white guys that want to use black men sexually for some screwed up issues. They want to have their cake and eat it too.
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