So Far...So Fast....Missed Opportunity Romance Forward to friends

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    The other day I was going through some boxes of things as I am getting ready to move. After about an hour of rooting through the misc. things I found an old photo album. In the photo album there are pictures of long lost friends, family, children who now are all grown up and wreaking havoc and pictures of this one, very, very special person. It hit me then how fast time has gone by and how far we have come. Although there was never any romantic involvement between this woman and myself, over the years I found myself comparing women to her as she had all those qualitites that made her perfect. At the time the photos were taken, neither of us were looking for a romantic partner. I look back now and was wondering if I missed that one golden opportunity for real happiness. Today, she is happily married with three great children living in another state. I then began to think if that missed opportunity comes only once in a persons life. It is funny because even without seeing the photos there have been many times I have thought about her and wondering if she was thinking about me. Maybe one day we Maury will bring us together for a reunion show or something, who knows. How about you? Do we all have this kind of story?
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    I'll sa;y it again, Tex, wise beyond your's important too, not to compare. No one, nothing could ever begin to compare, for me.....
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    Dear Mandalay, I think many of us have stories like that.....mine is more like Bridges of Madison County....I know where he is, what he's doing, and why we can't be together. I also know he still loves me and always will, as I do him. But you can't stay that stressed forever, and gradually you realize life goes on, and you need to take another direction. It's been over 3 years and I still think of him often.....but happiness doesn't lie in that direction for me, so I pursue it HERE on these crazy message boards!! Go figure!! (No, I won't tell anyone more than that about my story. It's too deep, too intense, and too personal to share with anyone.)
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