How does one find an angel investor? Business Topics

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    Quoting Luv2readRumi:

    How does one find an angel investor? I have a business idea and need a push to start the business..

    Buy a New York Times newspaper and look in the classified page for Business Angels and to a lesser degree where capital is required Silent Partner or Venture Capital.

    God Bless your venture.

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    They are called Business Angels, do a search, or any other there you will find a web site, you contact them and maybe they will invest. Or you get a business developement Loan from the banks or loan agencies ,,, But they will look for your investment, and risk factors so do a business plan, and a projection forcast, for the next 3 years, give as much information, also go out there and find out, if there are people willing to make orders,,,, so do your homework Good luck,,, Also there is a web site for just business woman ,,, with loan just for ,,, yes you guessed it,,, Lin
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