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    I am a litte bit dissapointed that a considerable amount of "millionaires" on this site do not write anything about them....only how much money they have.

    I do not know if they think they are going to get responses just because they have money. They may be looking only for gold diggers, people that only care about money. I thought in this site I was going to find an educated man, financially secure (does not mean "millionaire"), hard worker, emotionally stable, well a few words.."a man with class"...Do not get me wrong, there are men with that profile, it is just that is so sad to see a lot of men just posting the mmoney they have on their ad and nothing else.
    It is so sad to see that people give value to themselves according to the value in their bank accounts. I am sure it is nice to be wealthy, but it will be awful to date someone that does not have anything besides money. I hope I will find the man I am looking for.......
    Thanks for your time reading this message.
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    I am new here, however, I wish to add my thoughts.
    I think that most people have misconceptions of what they are going to find, but there is also good reason. There are a lot of men pretending to something they are not just as much as women. I don't think either sex is free from this type of behaviour on the internet. I think all one can do is try and filter out who is real and who isn't. Having been on a couple of dating sites, I find that the majority of men are just looking for sex. They don't seem to have much substance to offer no matter how much or how little money they may make. I am not interested in paychecks, but rather finding someone that I click with in all ways. It is sad that so much filtering must occur, but I guess that is part of the norm given the format.
    I wish you all the best and hope that you find who you are looking for eventually .
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    well, i am coming from the other side of the coin,i am not a milionaire,not even in the ball park, i am a hard working lady that works three jobs ,and pay my own bills ,im just looking to at least have the chance to date someone that is established,i'm not loking for a free ride just looking to enjoy being with someone that has other things to do than worry about bills as myself ,a pic is available upun request.
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    So, if one is a beautiful woman we don't need any text???? What nonsense!!
    So a millionaire man also needs no text??? That is nonsense too!

    Who wants a beautiful woman who who has no personality, no pizzazz to go with it?
    Similarly who wants a man, millionaire or not, who has nothing else to go with it. I would rather have the personality.

    Who are you going to converse with if you only have beauty or money?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 22, 2005 at 03:59 PM

    I experienced that most of the woman here are just looking for money.
    In that case, why should men write something else as their income ?

    Just try to change your income information up to 500'000$ will see how much e-mails you will get !.....
    sad.....but this is reality.
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    I read Latin1975's comment about men's profiles that give no info other than how much money they make. I can't count the number of profiles I have clicked on that stated the man's income and listed everything else as "no preference." Who's interested in "no preference?" That's a great point Latin1975. Thanks for bringing it up.
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    One does not even need a profile if they are planning on doing the seeking. So a minimal profile makes sense. All that lacks can be taken care of as part of the contact.

    Woman on the other hand, if strikingly beautiful, can get buy with little or no text at all. Men will come if their photos are hot and the men will discern the rest as part of the meeting.

    Note too that the size of their bank account often is enough to generate interest and they can articulate once interest has been established.

    So in summary, the following people do not need profiles with pics and good descriptive text:

    The Rich

    The Beautiful

    Those that will do the seeking.

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