Do all men want thin,, athletic, women, cause BBWs are beautiful too! Newcomer Introduction

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    As I have learned through the years attraction like most everything in your life has many aspects. Some of them you control and others you do not. So, focus on what you can! You can do your hair, put on lipstick, dress nicely but it is all about how you wear it. If the attitude, self esteem and confidence (if you struggle in believing these things about yourself then... think it, speak it and in time you will then begin to believe it) is not there then it all is lost. When you have these you wear a sexy smile, your body speaks and men pay attention. If you are intelligent and positive all the better.

    Brains and beauty, sexy and sassy who could ask for more!?!

    Best wishes!

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    LanaG write:
    . And BTW yes I do realize I am married and I have a Prince Charming at home but he is not the issue, I just wanna be someone's Mistress/Toy/travel companion/etc u know. I like being naughty, so C'mon rich Fellas I am fun too!

    ok Lana u come in here like its the show the Swan-- we give u beauty tips and bam u fix your hair ,show some cleavage and suddenly its time to cheat on hubby?? whats with that?? how bout he cheats on you with a young thin hottie -- we have created a monster .. go mess your hair again and dont cheat on hubby
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    Rachel Darlin not all men have fantasies of being with thinner woman. I recently met a man thats is married to a model, and he said that he gets sick of looking at a woman that is thin enough you could use her for dental floss. And not only did he say that but three other men that were with him said the same thing (they were all wealthy). I don't know but I am happy with me, and if I never find him, the one guy that I am looking for, I will still be happy cause i am alive and I can breathe, and I am able to walk, and move on my own. So as for all these men that only want thin as air women....more power to you, if you find that one woman that can sit with you and carry an intelligent conversation, and have her own mind at the same time, Cause to tell you the truth those women that are thin as rails, I have noticed don't have that ability to have their own mind and their own opinions cause they are too busy letting men and the rest of the world tell them what beautiful is (being thin as paper). And to those women that find your dream guy that has the money that you looking for....more power to you too, cause it's you that makes these girls feel like they have to be thin to be wanted.......So on that note I will go now, Have a great day and have a great life too!!!
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    Anita,Loved your profile.Interested in talking? Gary fun4gds at a o l

    PS My profile is fun4gds
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    Do you know what that does to a girl when she speaks to someone like I do. and they ignore me, That makes me want to go and have plastic surgery just to look the way they expect us to look. But you know what keeps me from doing just that? The fact that I love myself and I love the way god create me to appear. I have gotten to where I just tell everyone that replies my emails with "you're not my type" "good cause you're probably not my type either, cause I dang sure don't want someone to be ashamed to be seen with me in public" then I tell them to have a great day and a great life.
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    The rich guys don't want to even see if their is a mutual attraction, because most of them can't get past the appearance thing
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    Yeah I get that Anita. My point is that Most men may they be rich, poor, or just in between, All seem to think that their perfect Mistress/Toy/Playmate/LadyFriend, has to be Thin and beautiful. What does a BBW or full figure woman like me have to do to get noticed in a good way by these so called men? Anita sweetheart you are so beautiful. I wish I looked like you, cause then when I look at myself I couldn't say "well it's because it's the way I look why no one will even so much as say hi to me when I speak to them"
    It's like they don't even want to get to know any of us bigger women, or like they are afraid to be seen with us bigger chicks in public. Hello we know how to act in public too. We are beautiful too damn it, All I want from anyone of these so called rich fellas is to be able to say hi to one of them and they say hi back. I am not asking for their DNA structure.
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    well i hate to say it but it is not just millionaires you dont like big is most men. i have been single for 3 years now.i dont think im asking for much. i just want a guy to give me a chance and finally have some love in my life again. i do find that most men will sleep with any woman but big woman are not good enough to be seen with in public. but to a mans defence...there are lots of men in the world who PREFER large just have to find them. they are everywhere. i would love to find a man on here who would love to have some fun and romance with me and spoil me.
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