Do all men want thin,, athletic, women, cause BBWs are beautiful too! Newcomer Introduction

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    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was me or am i just nuts, but Do all rich guys go for the thin, athletic, or even average women? I am a BBW woman, and I am sweet and funny and I love to do all kinds of things like Hiking and camping, and all the outdoorsy stuff. But for some reason rich men all seem to just go for the teeny tiny arm candy, little miss thinner than air Ladies. I mean for christ sake people, BBW's are beautiful too! And we deserve to be given a chance at having our Prince charming too. And BTW yes I do realize I am married and I have a Prince Charming at home but he is not the issue, I just wanna be someone's Mistress/Toy/travel companion/etc ya know. I like being naughty, so C'mon rich Fellas I am fun too!

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    You are right girls it is more about mutual attraction and that could happen with the most unexpected person. Eventhough for them it is hard to know if we are going to be interested. The physical interaction like the voice, the presence, the way a person moves and the things that say can go directly to the brain and transform a person in interesting. There's also the chemical factor where nature betray the thoughts and you see yourself with someone you never expected to be with like older or younger. Men are mostly visual beings by nature from there you can deduct how do they make decisions. Some of them who are aware of it or who had hard experiences take decisions based in different factors. When you read the profiles you can see the level of maturity of a man. But obviously there might be some kind of attraction even though for us. If somebody rejects you since the begining is making you a big favour (you do not waste your energy in an empty point). I am always surprised because I have never been interested in the same tipe of man, suddenly I like someone I could never thought to be atracted to. I guess that might happen to them too. Women are more communicative that's why most of the blogs or forums are full of women and few men. Most of the men in the blogs or forum are older guys [experience helps ;)] and young ones or the ones of your age are afraid of sharing their thinking. There are many ways to learn in life and women can learn from communicating with others. So be patient ;) and good luck ;)
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    wow I felt sorry for you wondering if they would like you being larger than a size 2 but then I realized that you are just a gold digger and they know it.

    What is wrong with you? If your Prince is a Prince then what are you doing here? If he is not a Prince but turned out to be a frog then get rid of him.

    Men and Women like you make me sick. I was going to tell you originally that YES they do like all sizes as long as you have the other stuff have it but obvioiusly are not a nice person. I personally think that if you do that to your husband you will do it to a wealthy man as well when another one comes along that has more. I go by how a person behaves. Cheating is cheating and maybe some of these men have ethics. Good for them!
  • View author's info posted on Mar 25, 2009 02:10

    Last time I checked...... BBW stood for BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN ( woman who are curvious,sexy & beautiful). Are they now useing it as big beautiful woaman ?
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    Hi i am new here and im a bbw so please anyone like to chat get back to me
  • View author's info posted on Oct 29, 2008 12:01

    Hi folks! I too am considered a "BBW", and I have always thought that while it's a shame that men in general seem to prefer a size 6 female to have hanging on their arm, regardless of if the men are millionaires or not, it is unfortunately the way things are.

    There are two ways that we can handle this situation...1)if we are not able to get ourselves in better shape physically, then we need to emphasize our strengths and good points in regards as to who we are as ladies and decent human beings. The main idea to bear in mind always though, is to do what is best for your health and piece of mind!

    2) Hope like heck that there are men out there that will look beyond the surface of a woman. Hope that they are actually looking for someone who is kind, caring, loving and has something on the ball besides beachball sized breast implants, a teeny, tiny waist and nothing upstairs save for a stray dust bunny.

    Good luck to ya'll and have a nice day!
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    hmmmm - interesting - I am full figured, voluptuous and consider myself damn sexy (wow now I sound like fat bast%&* from Austin Powers - smile) I meet lots of men - I am just so busy I am not meeting men that I am attracted to... Funny thing about feeling good about yourself - you start to set your standards a little bit higher... That's why I'm here - quality not quantity. I have done full figure modeling - and I have had plenty of admirers.. I have also changed the mind of those who are not self-proclaimed chubby chasers - so it depends on the individual - her sex appeal - her confidence and yes even geographically. I live in Southern California and most of the fellas who reach out are from down south, the east coast or the UK....I love my curves and when all is said and done - I ultimately want the men I end up with to love them too... If I have to convince you that I'm fabulous - I don't want you - Having said all that check out my profile and my pics and see for yourself.

    Have a beautiful buxom day.... Monique

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    I prefer to think of myself as voluptuous, lol, maybe it just souns better, but anyway....have you thought about dating men of other nationalities? Arab men, in particular are attracted to women who naturally carry more weight. In some cultures it's believed that it is a sign of wealth, heehee and here we are on MM. For me, it's just genetics but keep faith, there are some men who are actually attracted to curves.

    It's all in how you carry yourself. Do you have style, poise and grace? Accent what you have, don't dwell on what you don't have!

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  • View author's info posted on Jul 25, 2006 15:57

    annaperenna write:
    Okay, I'll let you know, but you're going to hate it.

    Men want a woman who takes care of herself. Who has at least some measure of outer beauty to complement what's inside.

    I'm not saying you need to drop your weight down to 100 pounds and get implants, but you do probably need to tighten up, lose the glasses (or get a flattering pair), and start taking some small amount of pride in your physical appearance.

    I know I'm going to get flamed for this, but you asked for the truth, and so I'm giving it to you.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    This is true.. Not only that, but I really like to go hiking, kayaking, golfing, and be active in many other ways. Overweight women are less likely to be into those activities as evidenced by their weight gain. I also like to go boating, and quite frankly, slim athletic women are much more attractive in a bikini.

    Not to mention, being overweight is NOT healthy. I also want to date somebody who will push me to stay healthy, and a woman who keeps herself in great shape is far more likely to do that for me.

    Yes, I guess I might come off as a jerk, but I know that almost all of my guy friends feel the same way. Fortunately, not all of them do (in fact, I have one friend who won't date women who aren't overweight because he's convinced they are better in bed and more giving in a relationship).
  • View author's info posted on Jul 22, 2006 13:10

    Thanks for your nice reply. However even though you say you understand society's obsession with good looks and beauty you go on to say your experiences disturb you (which makes me think you are aware of it on some level but you are avoiding it on another).

    I would quote Dr. Phil and say "How's it working for you"?

    Well you have painfully admitted it thru your stories and I am sorry it has hurt you.

    Loved your example of the beautifully wrapped package. How about we do it differently. You get a package, its wrapped in awlful torn paper, with food stains on it etc. (in other words quite unsightly as standards go). But inside it the most beautuful and wonderful gift. Many might have simply discarded this mess without opening it. Surely it owuld not have been placed out in the opne with other beautifully wwrapped gifts.

    SO try making sure someone knows about all of you (finding one that sees the outside and wants to still know the inside) and then there should not be the suprises. We all want our best side shown first but we may be setting oursleves up for disapointment when all sides are shown especically if some aren't strong (at least from societal pressures).

    Hope this finds you well!
  • View author's info posted on Dec 15, 2005 18:01

    Thick or thin it doesn't matter. Seven months ago I couldn't get a look from someone, now it's a whole new story. I was a BBW and now I'm on the way down! I have this saying.."I can't make someone like me much less love me" You have to love yourself and if someone doesn't see how special you are...then it wasn't meant to be.

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  • View author's info posted on Dec 13, 2005 14:43

    Interesting dialogue. Well i would say its not just men but its the very fabric of our society that paints a picture of beauty. Ads, big business, television, movies and all forms of media focus on attractiveness. Sorry its just the way it is. You can spend your life fighting it or joining it. The good news for someone that is BBW is there are those who like it but you deal with a limited set. The rest of us are programmed by society to like beautiful things.

    I say quit complaining and accept it. Look for those that like BBW. Don;t expect those (majority who don't) to change. I do wish you the best of luck in finding someone who likes BBW and discovers the gem oyu may be. I personally don;t condone cheating or affairs in any of my beliefs. Wuldn;t want it done to me. My two cents.
  • View author's info posted on Dec 06, 2005 05:22

    Honey, you are definitely a BBW. I realize most people think of the term as being physically beautiful. I have no idea what you look like outwardly, but you sound like a very beautiful person inwardly. I know it's not much comfort to tell you that "personality is the most important thing" but I am convinced it is true. I have dated handsome, sexy men, and those that are not so handsome, let alone sexy. The handsome men were always the cheaters. They are not very attractive on the inside. Not saying all beautiful people are bad, just pointing out my personal experience. You're time will come, just like everyone else that're one this website. All of us are looking for someone, too!
    ~ Eva
  • View author's info posted on Dec 06, 2005 05:15

    I have to say it has been interesting reading some of these comments. It just goes to show that everyone has his or her own opinions, likes and dislikes, preferences. I, too, am a BBW. Yeah, sure, I would like to be thinner, but it has nothing to do with being more accepted (for lack of a beter word). I want to be healthy. But ladies, it's time to stop whining about the discriminations you/we/I have lived through. Everyone has to live through some of them sometime in their life. I am sure thin ladies have thier own issues. Harrassment for one. Not being taken seriously in the workplace. The assumption of "all beauty, no brains." That sort of thing. Enough of that. So, diet world, here I come! Yay. ;-)Okay, here I am ... new to this whole online thing. I am not sure about becoming a member though. I think I mostly was just curious, you know. You see these "self-proclaimed gold-diggers" on Dr. and he talks about what great men millioniares are, but that women like that are contacting them for the wrong reasons, blah, blah, blah. I guess I decided that I wanted to be one that was there for the right reasons. I want to be taken care of for once. I am not normally the one for the old-school ideas of a man "bring home the bacon," but I am sick of being the ONLY money-maker in the house. I work. I will always work, and I try to live within my means. I would like to be able to give my daughter (and future kids, I'm not done having them yet) the best. I think any good parent would feel that way. I want to fall in love and have a house, two car garage, barbeques on Sundays with the neighbors. That sort of thing. Who knows... maybe someday.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 23, 2005 12:39

    Cathlyn write:
    Thank you, Robtest. If you read my profile, you will see that until recently, I have spent more time worrying about my family and being there for them than I was taking care of myself. I have now found that I am too unhappy to be there for anyone and it is time for me to be there for me. In fact, I have started exercising recently and although I have not lost any weight yet, I am hopeful that this will happen soon.

    Maybe I should hold off on dating until I get myself to where I want to be.

    Any suggestions??


    I would hold off until I begin to feel better about myself. Body language shows through louder than actual words for some people. If you have already started down the road, you have gotten a taste of the difficulty. Results sometimes seem very small, but you have to keep on keeping on. And one thing that I found helpful was a "fat caliper" rather than a scale for measuring results. They cost about $15-20 in the healthfood stores. I like this because, as you loose fat and replace it with muscle, you will see no weight change or a negative weight change. Muscle is denser and weighs more than fat. So if you are going from the scale alone, it can be discouraging even though you are getting very positive results. Every ounce of muscle that you can add will burn more calories. Even when you sleep, your muscles are burning "some" calories.

    You might want to consider trying weight watchers or another support group. I like support groups as it is like minded people with similar goals. Friends that aren't dieting don't understand, don't want to hear it, nor should they have to. I found this especially true in my divorce recovery. No one unless they absolutely have tried every other means and have no other choice should have to learn the ins and outs of divorce. In my divorce recovery workshop at a local church, I found many people that had all "been there/done that"... Of course, the danger there is the people that want to linger,and not move on. I solo'd my weight loss, so I cannot speak to the attitudes of those in a weight loss support group.

    But keep your chin up as it makes you more aerodynamic when you run/walk :o) & Always remember The Rainbow Principle: "Into every rain, a little sunshine must fall"...

  • View author's info posted on Nov 23, 2005 08:48

    Cathlyn write:
    I am not sure if I count as a BBW but I am 5'2" and 160 pounds (and I wear glasses - can you believe it!?). I am also college educated, have been working in the same field for nearly 15 years and am very, very good at my job. I have a great family but not one of my own (never married, no kids). I have a wicked sense of humour and have tried karaoke, softball, bowling and even horseshoes. But the one time that I tried to connect with someone here, I e-mailed him my picture. Guess what? I never heard from the guy again!! Now, I am getting winks and e-mail messages from other guys wanting to see my picture but I am afraid to post it. I am a 34 year old virgin and am beginning to believe that I will die that way (only older, I hope). If men are NOT primarily concerned with looks and they don't appear to be interested in a woman's personality, strong morals, family values or any other strength she has, what are they interested in?

    Please, if anyone has an answer for me, let me know. My self-esteem is taking a serious beating and I am not sure how much more I can take before I say "to hell with it, I'd rather be alone".


    Excess weight and self esteem issues seem to go hand in hand. The saying about being fat and jolly only works for Santa. I know when I was 45# heavier, I thought I was the same person on the inside, but I really wasn't and my self esteem suffered because of it.

    I am not saying this will work for everyone, but it did for me. I decided that rather than beating myself up mentally and emotionally, it was time to beat myself up physically instead. Now all you S&M people stand down, it is not like that. Heavy diet and exercise was as "mean" as I wanted to get with it. Was it easy? No, it plain SUCKED. I cut back on food, and upped my exercise. I was hungry all the time, tired, and sore achy muscles. Exercise is plain boring to the mind numbing nth degree. But I held the course, and it took me working very deliberately for about 2 years, but I lost the weight and I am keeping it off...
  • View author's info posted on Nov 20, 2005 02:51

    I do think size matters a little. But, in general sexiness is a state of mind and it borders arrogant and obnoxious. I've seen some of the most physically attractive women who didn't have a hint of sex appeal to me. sur, they were fun to look at but they were just missing that "quality". While, on the other hand I've seen some BBW who absolutelyhad that appeal that just made you gasp when you looked at them and something inside you wanted to be with them.

    It's all in the mind.
  • View author's info posted on Nov 17, 2005 03:33

    Come Get Me...Where you been All My Life....I
    d Fly there for you!! Lets go do the Tower Of Hell.....Lol!1 I promise I wil hold and cuddle you all the way round!!

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  • View author's info posted on Nov 11, 2005 09:10

    LanaG write:

    And BTW yes I do realize I am married and I have a Prince Charming at home but he is not the issue, I just wanna be someone's Mistress/Toy/travel companion/etc ya know. I like being naughty, so C'mon rich Fellas I am fun too!

    Sounds like an abandonment issues. Not sure who is abandoning who here. Also sounds like very poor communication, but then again I guess sex toy's are often known to buzz and vibrate, but don't accept the responsibility of true communication above sighs and moans...

    A song jumps to mind that you might want to consider, since you are married BTW. Goo gle lyric search for "Rupert Holmes Escape(The Pina Colada Song)...

    So I waited with high hopes
    And she walked in the place
    I knew her smile in an instant
    I knew the curve of her face
    It was my own lovely lady
    And she said, "Oh,,, it's you."
    Then we laughed for a moment
    And I said, "I never knew."
  • View author's info posted on Nov 04, 2005 10:13

    LanaG write:
    And BTW yes I do realize I am married and I have a Prince Charming at home but he is not the issue, I just wanna be someone's Mistress/Toy/travel companion/etc ya know. I like being naughty, so C'mon rich Fellas I am fun too!

    Sorry, but you are kinda creepy!
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