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    Why do real millionaires hide their profile and photos? Because they are afraid that they’ll be exposed. Dugh. This should teach some ladies & gentlemen a lesson to NEVER talk about whom they met here.... or went out on a date with! Come on - What happened to pride, honour, loyalty and discretion??? Be honest! We've seen what happened to other celebrities! The press walked all over them.

    But I must admit there are very impressive people here you'd never expect on a dating site at all, no - not even in your dreams! They are really famous, wealthy and powerful, leading businesses, are in politics and you'd know them from TV. So if you have the honor to meet them, please do make sure he/she has their privacy guaranteed when he/she talks to you and PLEASE do not blurt it out to the press, even if the date did not work out.. Life goes on. Hey.

    Well listen to me giving advice? See I run a German dating website in Germany & Europe and hear a lot and experienced a lot of positive things. Did you ever think about this?
    --> IF women (and men) would keep silent/discrete, there would be a lot more profile's with photos here, don't you think? This is a very sensitive situation to meet on this dating site: to be cabable to open up your heart, learning to trust a person, nervous to be turned down, uncertain if they'll be exposed etc.

    My advice to all is: More honesty on the internet! Have your age, photo income and occupation verified to get rid of those Nigerian scammers and afterall this website is called Millionaire Match or not? Please consider this, imagine you were in their shoes? Isn't it hard enough to figure out if you are loved for your personality or for your $$$ ? But keep in mind that women need security too and not here to run into Nigerian scammers or useress people either.... nor married men ... It is a gentlemen’s responsibility to keep them safe and trusting again...

    Good luck: Mr./Mrs. Right is out there for you, too! Give love a chance and stop being afraid of getting hurt all the time. Only if you open your heart and completely believe that the right person is out there, THEN magic can happen - smile! BUT stay safe.
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  • View author's info Posted on Sep 13, 2010 at 08:34 AM

    I don't think many of us are expecting "magic"

    we're all browsing from a point of integrity..

    Charlie Sheen by the way doesn't have time to be on sites.

    Have a fun day on the blog.

    First time here 

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